Two things I realized today

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Two things I realized today

One: I will not be able to do this before I admit to my family that I can't drink anymore.

Two: I need to admit to my family that I can not drink anymore.

They are my lifeline and they are (almost) in the dark about the fact that I'm still struggling. I planned on not drinking at all after March 30th (another useless date) then my mom mentioned that they were going to have mimosas at Easter brunch today. That was enough to let my AV convince me that a few drinks a night until Easter was ok since I couldn't not drink without questioning today. (bulls**t) Well, I've drank the last 3 days 3-6 drinks a night and I don't think my entire family has drank that much combined. I'm disappointed in myself to say the least. However no one knows I've drank so much. They've seen a glass of wine last night and a mimosa today. I'm so sick of this ****. Please don't ask me what my plan is. I don't have one.

*Note: my family would be nothing but supportive and helpful. I strongly believe this is me protecting my problem at this point. And yes I'm pathetic, and es I've been struggling a long time and yes I need to change everything. I know all this. Ugg. I am the stupidest person on the planet earth.
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I don't think you are a stupid person. It sounds like you know what you should do...I think you should listen to your heart and do what you think needs to be done.
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Beating yourself up is pretty futile Pinot.

To be honest I think your family already knows - but if it's important to you to say the words, then go ahead

so...I won't ask you what your plan is - but it's vital you get one.

Not having a plan, or not wanting to think of one is like walking into a fire hoping not to get burned....y'know?

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Definitely sounds like time to fill them in then, be honest and don't hold back
If you know they'll be supportive there's no reason not to (apart from that av yeah, but you can be stronger than that)
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Telling my friends and family was a HUGE relief. I was so scared of telling them in the past because that meant I could never drink around them again. I wanted to keep the door open for future drinking, honestly.

When I did NOT want to drink anymore, telling them was a piece of cake.

They all knew anyways. Alcoholics never fool anybody. Regular people never accidentally drink 12 beers in one day, ever.

I didn't make a big speech or anything. Didn't even use the word 'alcoholic.'

I told them that I'm now a non-drinker and will never drink again.
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PNM, I agree with Melinda that you don't have to go into great detail with anyone about not drinking, nor use the A word unless you want to. You just have to say you're not drinking any more, and you'd really appreciate their help. Nothing easier than mixing OJ with soda water rather than champagne.

If it helps you that they know, then just tell them. I predict you'll be surprised how much more relaxed you'll feel going to any event knowing in advance you won't be drinking.
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I'm with SoberLife, I think you know what needs to be done.
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