I don't feel like me at the moment

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I don't feel like me at the moment

I've been redundant from work.
It's only been about 2 weeks.
I feel strange.
I don't fee like me anymore.

For some reason, I feel like a big bit of my security has been ripped away from me.
I hate being at home.
Yesterday, I didn't get out of bed.
Just stared at the ceiling most of the day.

I really did not want this to happen. I fought all I could to keep my job.
I feel bored and fed up and irritable.
I find it hard to relax anyway.
I prefer being busy.

Maybe its the time of year.
The weather is rubbish.
I don't know I just don't feel like me anymore.
I wish I could disappear.
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I'm sorry that you lost your job, Sasha. Have you found any other opportunities to work in your area? Maybe you could spend some time working on your resume? Hopefully something else will come along soon.
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Sasha, so sorry you've lost your job.

I surely know a bit about insecurity and so feel for you and can understand you.

I have no practical advice to give..

Just lots of warm hugs to say that you are not alone.
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When we spend years in a job as you and I have, part of our identity gets tied up with it. I think it's completely understandable that you feel lost right now my friend.

This could be a great opportunity to spend some time on yourself while you are seeking out new jobs. Learn how to relax. Perhaps take up yoga or meditation. Maybe some gentle exercise? This will help when you start working again.

You are always so hard on yourself Sasha. Take care now xxx
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Sorry you lost your job Sash

Fingers crossed for you to find a new one soon
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I know I am too hard on myself. You are always so right Jeni. Where would I be without you guys?

I think I just liked the routine I created for myself.
At times, when i was drinking there was no routine.
Life was disorganised and chaotic.

I think I have felt like my life got sorted.
It was simple - work, pick my daughter up, play, bath, bed time story, few jobs, then sleep - but it was calm and peaceful and predictable.

I think I feel a bit bored too.
I don't think I'm going to end up drinking. At least I hope not.
I need to try use this time and sort me out maybe.

I'm thinking the gym will help.
I have 3 rooms to sort out at home too.
My garden needs some TLC too.
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That sounds really positive Sasha. You won't drink over this..I've complete and utter faith in you xxx
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Do your best
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Losing a job is a big hit to the identity Sasha.

I believe in you tho - we all do - being made redundant is not your fault, and I know you'll find another job - hopefully even better than the last one

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Hi I lost my job and was much like you...I do not do well home all the time. Keep busy all those things you mentioned sound great....and just do you know I eventually got a better job that I love and is much more suited to me xoxo
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Hope you feel back to yourself before too long. Thinking of you.
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Work is a big part of our identity but it need not define us. You're still Sasha, mom and overall cool person! You will find something else, you just have to keep your chin up.
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When i've been unemployed i found keeping the routine going useful .

Getting up by a certain time , washed and dressed , i liked to walk round to the paper shop and buy a newspaper just to get out the house and talk to someone .

Maybe make a proper job of work out of the chores you have to do ? 9-5 or whatever your used to .. with maybe 1 or 2 hours in the morning to do job chasing .

Have you thought about temping ? i always find the prospect of doing something for a little while short term nice , no big pressure , you get to go new places and meet new people

Keep positive , i'm sure something good will arise .

Bestwishes, m
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