Where do you turn to for peace?

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Unhappy Where do you turn to for peace?

I guess I have had a heavy heart lately and depressed. I have been divorced now for two years, I lost my family from alcoholism that included 2 children, for which I am now working hard to get them back-kids. They adore me and I them. But living alone on the other side of town with all these emotions is hard and SCARY and lonely. I had tea with a friend tonight which was good, although I could not help it when my mind strays during our visit.

I know the importance of my emotional health. But honestly facing all this and building anew regardless of what I lost is absolutely essential for recovery, it's this "work" i have been holding all my life. Because deep down i was hurt long long ago..

If you can relate, where do you go for peace? Sorry just a bit heavy headed..maybe i am realizing all that needs to be repaired and feels OVERWHELMING.

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I think about when I was a child and what I hoped and dreamed for. It reminds me life was simple and regardless of what's 'happened' if I believe things will be good, they will be. But I've got to work hard to make it happen. Just like riding that bike or climbing that tree..

It helps me to focus and make sure my thoughts and actions come from a strong and good place.
I don't want to let down the little kid that was me.
I dreamed and hoped for better.

And I will make it happen in the most peaceful way I can. Day after day.
Consistency of good thought is the key to my peace.

Try and focus on the good possibilities of what your life might look like a year from now.
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I turn it over to my higher power. I turn the cares, the worries and the weight of it all over. I don't need or have to worry about it, I let him have that.

All I can do it the best I can and have faith that whatever happens is what is meant to happen.

Faith is a big part of my recovery. It was all I had at the start and it is what I built on.

I find peace when I can simply say "your will, not mine". Takes the burden off.
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Hi. My life is so hectic just now, I have'nt had the chance to think about it to be honest. I am a taxi driver, Usually I can sit quite happily in the taxi. It gets me away from the noise of the house. When it's not busy (most of the time) I put my seat back and relax. The west of Scotland has it's advantages with the scenery. I am lucky to have the surroundings I have here. I do find it hard to switch off at times.

I have to admit, I find AA meetings peaceful and calming.
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Do your best
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Have you spoke with a Dr ?
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My days go best when I start them with a little prayer and mediation, a discipline I learned in AA. It has enabled me on more than one occasion to meet calamity with serenity.
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You start with staying sober today. That's the #1 priority. You make a plan that supports your sobriety and personal growth. You take care of yourself. You see a therapist, attend AA, do whatever it is you need to do to get healthy. You and your children need you to be the best you can be. You deserve a better life.
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