I surrender!!!

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I come back to SR every day to help me to stay "hungry" for sobriety. It would probably be easy to get complacent, to let my AV convince me I'm not an alky anymore. No, I'm not drinking but I'll always be an alky, or rather if I drink it's just a matter of time til I'm looking up at the world through the bottom of a wine glass again.

No thanks!
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Do your best
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You can do this Serenidad have a great day
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Hope it's going well for you today Serenidad.
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Do your best
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Me too i hope your having a nice day/evening
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Sounds like an excellent decision serenidad. ..
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Do what works for you Serenidad.

Wishing you well.
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Any which way we can! Congrats to you on finding a way to stop the insanity.
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Originally Posted by Serenidad View Post
I wanted to check in and say that I feel that I have finally surrendered to this monster disease! I've been trying to stay sober with SR alone, Rational Recovery, AVRT, books, exercise, journaling, etc. etc. and for me those things "all by themselves" don't work for me. They ARE great tools though.

I stayed sober for 5 & 1/2 years with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous & the 12 Steps from 2008-2013. I relapsed last year because I stopped going to meetings and stopped working the program and forgot "what I am".

Soooo....I am NOT saying AA is right for everyone, but for THIS alcoholic....I really can't stay sober without it. I need the face to face support of the amazing people in the rooms, the steps etc...the structure.

I know I've been wishy-washy about what program to use for many months. I have FINALLY surrendered and am going back to AA...a program that works for me! If I don't throw myself back in the middle of the program, I fear I will die of alcoholism. I've watched several people die and it's such a torturous way to go. :-(

Hope you are all doing well! I will keep you up to date & continue to use SR as a recovery "tool". You guys are awesome!
I'm glad to hear you're feeling in a good place and are back to a solid sobriety foundation.

I also believe that AA is a critical tool for keeping my sobriety intact. I don't go all the time, but I go regularly. I need that anchor point to keep me on course.

Keep at it Serenidad!!!

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Good luck Serenidad! If AA is what works for you, go for it!
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How are things going, Serenidad?

I hope things are going better.
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Do what works for you GF. If AA was the ticket then go with that!
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Sounds awesome - thanks for sharing your hope!
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