Chronic, Progressive and Fatal

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Chronic, Progressive and Fatal

I have just come home from my AA fellowship and am having a hard time with some news that I heard from a friend. Another member of my fellowship is dead after going back out and drinking.

This lady was 36 years old with 3 kids. She pulled over on the side of the highway and collapsed. When help arrived she was already gone.....

Please consider the possible consequences if you relapse. This disease can take your life very easily.
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Alochol is a serious business!! . . .Very sorry for your loss!!
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Hears The Voice
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I'm sorry to hear this sad news, but thank you for the reminder that addiction is a liar and a thief that will kill us if we let it.

And for the reminder that I learned right here on SR how to not let it.

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Im so sorry for your loss. Alcoholism is deadly. With each relapse there is a HUGE chance we never make it back. I went through it. Im praying for you.
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Thank you for the reminder. It is stark, scary and unfortunately all too common. I am sorry for the loss to your group. It is so upsetting when this happens. Prayers for the poor woman's family.
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wow. I'm sorry for your loss. that's scary
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Do your best
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Condolences HopeforLife 36 is far too young what a tragic loss that really is

Thats now 3 kids without a mother and that breaks my heart i hate this illness/disease/addiction

RIP to your friend

This is one of the reasons that i try so much because this will kill us if we let it we need to stick together all of us

we need to stick together
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Rip to that poor woman. The ugly truth is that it could happen to any of us.
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:-( Thank you for posting. Those stories really strengthen my resolve because i realize how deadly this disease is. It's horrible to hear about good people overcome with their struggles.

George McGovern wrote a book about his daughter Terry.
McGovern had five children. He loved them all, but by his own description he had a special affinity for Terry. She was 45 years old and was the mother of two young girls when she froze to death in a parking lot in Madison, Wis., on the night of Dec. 12, 1994. She died drunk shortly after she had left a detox facility for the 68th time. Terry was an alcoholic and had suffered from depression for years.

It's called Terry: My Daughter’s Life-And-Death Struggle With Alcoholism.
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What a heartbreaking story. Unfortunately for her and her children, it is a gut wrenching reality.

Yes - chronic, progressive, fatal and it can happen so quickly.

I am so very sorry, Hope4Life, so very sorry.
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I am so sorry... Reminds me of a member here a ways back when I was just reading and haven't joined yet... But the story definitely had an impact on me and kind of urged me to join SR...

Anyone remember "covrecover" ??
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