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Two weeks today I am sitting in my daughters downstairs apartment and I have just put my grandaughter down to bed for school tommorow as my daughter is working late.Its been a good two weeks and I can feel the change in me feeling content can't thank all of you enough and when I finish this post I intend to get on my knees and thank God for another sober day and for leading me to this site
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Keep pushing through!!
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Great post, grampa. Congratulations on two weeks.

Sobriety rocks, doesn't it!!!!
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Lovely post, grampa!
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Learning to live again
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Very happy for you grampa - I'm so glad you found us too. Great job on reaching 2 wks. It'll continue getting better.
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Thank you for that positive post grampa!

Keep it up!
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Almost 700 years sober
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What a nice post Grampa
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Hi Grandpa - glad you were able to put her to bed and I'm sure you both enjoyed it more sober.
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That's terrific Grampa

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What a lovely post! Thank you!!
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Your doing it Grampa ! Congradulations.

I'am with you at about 2 weeks also. I'am starting to see "peeks" through the gray curtain of depression now and then. How about you ?

Sobriety is getting by day !...hope your's is too !

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Life is an unlikely miracle.
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Great stuff, grampa
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Life is good isn't it?! So wonderful you are able to be there for that fabulous little girl in your life
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Great post.

Sometimes it's hard, but I'm glad that you're finding gratitude in your day.
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