Was at the pharmacey...

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Was at the pharmacey...

Going over some meds and the pharmacist mentioned taking a med at night, but then said that you can't drink alcohol. So I said, "no problem, I don't drink" She said, "Ever?" I said "Never".

Guess I have to really stick to it now!
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It does make life easier.
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you are boxed in all right!. i avoided medications that had that ALcohol warning on the bottle.".thanks i would rather just drink than to take your stupid life-saving medications, never mix never worry!!?"
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Do your best
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Awesome Ellay
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Great post, Ellay. Very cool.
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That's awesome!
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Nurse with clipboard prepping me for surgery: "How many drinks do you have per week?"

Me: "I don't drink"

Definitely makes things easier!
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That's great! I remember reading the med bottles reading "Alcohol would increase the side effects and may increase dizziness or drowsiness" , so I'd always take my meds with a beer, and then some....Pretty smart of me huh! Not!

Now at least I take the meds with a diet Coke..That's improvement..
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