My first drink mare!

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My first drink mare!

I was sitting in the front seat of a yellow taxi, and the cashier from the liquor store was driving. As we passed the liquor store I asked him to pull over so he did. I sat in the cab, conflicted over whether to go in or not, and after some deliberation I asked him to take me home instead. I felt empowered and relieved - but cut to me coming home and opening the fridge, and there is a six pack of my favorite nemesis with at least one missing! So now I'm panicking in my dream trying to remember if I changed my mind in the cab, when I bought it, when I drank it - what happened? Then the phone rang and woke me up and after a few moments of confusion I realized it wasn't real and I am actually on day 14 of my sobriety. Whew!
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Those dreams are un-nerving. I've had em too.

But the relief you feel afterwards is priceless.
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Consider it a freebie
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They can be quite the roller coaster, but without the hangover!!
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Do your best
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Well done on 2 weeks
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Two weeks is fantastic islandgrll.
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