First alcohol dream!

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First alcohol dream!

I didn't actually drink in it but my husband was drunk and going out with friends (my friend!) to drink more and I was really annoyed and upset so decided I was going to drink too, and was just about to go and buy some when I woke up. Was good to realise it was just a dream! The weird thing is, in my dream I knew I was on day 6 and that I shouldn't do it. Plus my husband doesn't have a drink problem - maybe I was projecting mine onto him lol
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Hi Mavis

Dreams about drinking are very common.

If your brain misses booze so much you are having dreams about it..... Then you must have strung some time together.

You never have drinking dreams while still drinking right?

Well done
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Mavis I had one too last week, only I successfully fell off in mine. Just like you, though, it was such a relief to wake up and realize I was still okay. Let's keep on living the real dream
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I had a lot of drinking dreams when I was using. I would feel so drunk that I couldn't move or remember important things. There was danger near by and i couldn't react to protect my family. Some really scary, dark, nasty dreams. However, since I stopped, and it has only been a few weeks, I haven't had any drinking related dreams I can remember.
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I have only had 1 sort of drinking dream and it wasnt me it was my late mother she was the one drinking and it was a very upsetting dream i was saying you know how much this means to me and it was one of the worst nightmares of my life as my mum had passed before i addressed my alcoholism and my mum passed with over ten years sobriety

i hate my nightmares but this was in the beginning and i dont remember them anymore thank heavens

i remember that nightmare tho when i was drinking the nightmares were too real glad thier calming down

Hope you feel better M i know they are horrible but it does get better big hugs your way lady
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I've had quite a few drink dreams, or nightmares I guess. In my dreams I sometimes forget I don't drink anymore until the taste hits my tongue, then I panic.
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I never had them before, but I had one two nights ago when I had drank earlier in the afternoon. My mom is an alcoholic too, and in the dream I was trying to carry a bunch of bottles of white wine, which is the drink of choice for both of us. I dropped a bottle and it broke, but my mom was able to salvage some of the wine anyway. What the...?
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I had a weird dream the other night. In the dream, I had gotten really drunk and tried to pick up some guy, and (in the dream) I woke up and wondered what the hell I'd done that night before and whether I'd made an ass of myself or what I did with that guy. Then I really woke up and it took a minute to realize that I hadn't been drinking at all and it was just a dream.
VERY weird....thank goodness it's been a lot of years since I did anything like that in real life. I wonder if people who don't drink would ever have a dream like that??
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I had a dream that I drank last night and gave up the 44 days I had in... Not a food feeling

I can do all things through he who strengthens me
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Mavis, I usually have a drinking dream when I'm coming up to a significant milestone. In my dream, I'm always aware of how many days sober I have (whether or not I go on to throw them away )

I think it's a good thing to have drinking dreams. I take them as proof that my desire to stop drinking has gone right into my subconscious and the dream is its way of really reinforcing my commitment to sobriety. Good going, girl!
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I like that way of thinking HeadLump
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I've had a couple of dreams where I'm drinking and then I say to myself wtf are you doing? You are blowing it! I think it's a natural manifestation of our fear of relapse.
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I still get them after 25 years. Usually it's when I'm stressed. They are just dreams it's your brain is resetting. Just remember it's only a dream.
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