day 7! :)

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day 7! :)

Well as of previous post.. still have same tension headache, whats nothing new been there for a year!! Thinking its down to blood cell swelling in head due too drinking, Hope it goes in a week or so.

Apart from the above, slept better, still had vavid dreams!! Very strange ones!!
& today don't have a secondary headache along with the above or sick feeling isn't their!! its only 830am.

Felt very shakey this morning before eatting though.

All positive stuff, longest ever gone in years! AV has let to bother me, nor have i needed to fight it, maybe my mind set is stronger and timing is right!
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Do your best
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Well done 7 days is awesome
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Congrats on 7 days! I'm having really vivid dreams too I think it's because I'm not sleeping properly and staying in rem rather than going into deep sleep? Re your headaches have you considered seeing a chiropractor?
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Sorry about the continuing headaches renshaw but congrats on that week

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Sober date 5/1/13
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Hi Renshaw,

Well done on 7 days
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Day 7 is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Congratulations on your week!
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Day 7 for me too and I also have headaches. I am trying to drink more water and decaf tea to help hydrate, it's not the magic pill but I feel like it helps a bit.

Way to go, keep up the good work!
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thank you guys!!

Day 8 now..

OpenWindow, been drinking so much water!! But defo LOADS of caffeine as not sleep great, also when drinking would stay up until, say 2 am and be up at 6 few times per weeks. So i guess i am less tired then I was just don't feel it.
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