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Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I posted, I have been so busy with my sister in town from Sweden and working on my start up company.

My sister has gone back to Sweden, but there were several occassions for drinking while she was here - it was not easy for me but the good news is someone had to drive and that someone was ME!!! My sister does not have an issue with drinking but she refuses to drive after one or two beers and since she was the guest I thought the gracious thing to do is let her have her two beers. Worked perfectly.

So I am 16 days sober. It is a beautiful Sunday morning and I have lots to do but I really wanted to post and thank everyone for all of the great coping skills that got me through this past week with family and booze.
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Great to see you back birddog! You sound determined. Congratulations on your 16 days sober.
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Great job. I like how you improvised.
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Good for you. And congratulations on sixteen days and no hangover!
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BirdDog406. Well done on 16 days. Thanks for sharing your victory. We need all we can get.
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16 Days is fantastic!! Keep it going!!
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Nicely done! And your sister had her fun.
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way to go on your progress birddog

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birddog .. well done you done seriously good

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