I'm back

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I'm back

I managed 8 weeks and then I thought I could control it. Clearly I can't. I feel as if I've let myself down. I drank 2 bottles of wine last night. So ashamed.
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Do not feel ashamed.. You can manage it again as you already did it for 8 weeks.. Forget what happened last night .. Tell yourself that you just want to manage it for another 8 weeks and see how it goes..
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Thank you-I was so happy sober but everybody around me kept saying that I didn't have a problem and I think I let myself believe it. It only took me a few days to be back drinking pretty much every day again. I really want to be back in control. Xx
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Welcome back! Today can be the beginning of some great things AGAIN. I well know the feeling of slipping back after days of alcohol free time. One day at a time got me + 13,000 in a row and I thought I was hopeless during my relapsing period. I was encouraged by those who kept saying KEEP COMING. Then I realized that if I didn’t pick up the first drink I would not have to try to get sober AGAIN.

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Don't beat yourself up. You learned something from your slip it appears. We've all stumbled on our path. Sending positive thoughts.
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Your recent experiences seem to have confirmed that you WANT sobriety. Don't look back, go for it!
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Hi Flossy - sorry to hear you're struggling...glad you're back.
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you and me both sister
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Flossy, It happened to me too. I learned something each time, and finally I was convinced I couldn't touch it - and there was no control. Glad you are back with us and ready to continue on your path to a happy, sober life.
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Just go forward. Im the same. When im sober it is the happiest time of my life. When im drinking its pure hell. I know abstinence is essential to me. People are always telling me just to have one or two. No problem for them, but kryptonite for me. You can do it.
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It sounds like you really want sobriety and that's a great thing. Please be kind to yourself and move forward with strength that you have had in the past to accept yourself. Best of luck
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Don't beat yourself up, go at things again!!

For me I really needed to accept that I couldn't control alcohol, abstinence didn't cure or fix me in anyway, that 1st drink would always lead to the same place regardless of days, weeks or years of Sobriety!!

You can do this!!
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Thank you all for your kind words-almost moved me to tears which is unlike me! I'm glad to be back with my SR family-xx
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welcome back flossyfressia

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