Hours cut at work...craving a drink

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Hours cut at work...craving a drink

so my hours got cut at work for the next two weeks. from 35 to a measly 15 (each week). no warning or no notice from my boss. I'm in a panic because I don't know how I am going to pay my bills. for the first time in over 6 weeks I am honestly craving a drink. actually I should rephrase that, I am craving a drunk. I know it won't do anything good but I needed to vocalize my craving. Figured I'd post instead of drinking.

What should I say to my boss? even if I beg for more hours and or this is just a temporary situation I'm still screwed for the coming paycheck. I can't live off it. I am so scared. Also during my drinking I burned just about every bridge when it comes to borrowing money from friends and family so that isn't an option for me.

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Fears a biggie...but think about it...the last thing you need right now is the expense of a bender.

You also need to be sober to look for a second job or some way to make the rent.

Sometimes life is hard, but we have to rise to the challenge, not run away from it by getting wasted?

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Imagine if you drink. It will make everything worse. Keep strong. This too shall pass.
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Coming here rather than drinking was definitely a good idea. Talking to your boss to find out how long the cutback might last an if there is other work you could get in the meantime would be a good idea too.

You could also look and see if there are any bills you have that are for things that you could cut back in.

The absolute worst choice you could make would be to drink though. Staying sober will give you a fighting chance at getting through these tough times.
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straight out truth may be for the best

tell your boss that you need more hours just so as to pay your bills

after his response -- take it from there

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Thanks for coming here instead of drinking, my advice: what can you do right here and right now, can you sale any of your thinkgs, can you drop cable tv? Can you Ebay or craigslist stuff, what can you pawn anything. Its harsh and you might not like it but drastic life situations take drastic measures

Labor ready, or any other employment agency? All of them might be available, but not sure where you are.

Unemployment, if you are in the States, also has options for cut hours specifically if you went from full time to part time their are provisions.

I am in the same boat, believe me, be up for anything and everything. Also craigslist has a labor portion, seach there daily, don't think you are above selling what you have, be open to liquidating your life to survive, you owe it to yourself. No worries friend, I believe things will get better for you if you take drastic measures.

Almost all of your regular bills, rent, power, mortgage, cable, internet, will work with you and you can extend them or just not pay them. You might not like that, but you have to survive now, and get to a better place. Federal law basically makes it impossible for a power company to shut you off before 2 months if you are in the states. Stay open and be prepared to take measures my friend. Just some suggestions!
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I think you can get partial unemployment benefits. Make partial payments on your bills. Spending the money you sorely need won't help matters.
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Sounds like your being tested. Things will only get worse if you drink it out. Try and stay positive

I can do all things through he who strengthens me
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The very first thing to do is talk to your boss. Right now you don't know what's going on and you imagine the worst. Be straight with him, let him know you're serious about your job and you'd like the same. Ask him straight up if you can add some hours for the coming week. I don't know what kind of work you're in; do you have any coworkers that want to get out of a shift?

As TDG says, in the very short term maybe a pawn or sale of some stuff. And in most states if your hours get cut from full to part time you can usually get unemployment benefits.

But first things first- talk to your boss. If he's got an issue with you better to clear the air.
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if i were you, i'd talk to the boss first. see if a solution can be found there as it would be the simplest and most effective.

if nothing can be done there, look into day labor. it's hard work but it's work and it's money. my husband had to do this for a bit while i was working 3 jobs. we gotta do what we gotta do. if you're healthy, you may be able to sell plasma. there's not a lot of money in it but it is money and i don't know how much you need to get though this rough spot.

remember, you have to be wide awake and alert when emergencies like this arise. i totally get craving a drunk. the good think is, we are far enough along to play that scenario out to the end. we drink, we get rip roaring drunk, pass out, wake up in fear, drink to ease the fear, get rip roaring drunk, spend money we don't have on booze, endanger our job and get caught up in that vicious cycle of drinking and fear. well, that was a disaster, wasn't it? good thing we are butt nekkid honest with ourselves about our relationship with alcohol and what it will and won't do for us.

i have found that when i'm in a panic about a situation, especially money, i do best to brainstorm and write down all of my options. i ask around for other opinions and i write those down as well. eventually, i have a rather large list of things i can do and i rank them from most feasible to least. then, it's all about working down that list until something sticks. it'll happen. you'll get through this.
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Some good advice here. If you can't make your bills, talk to your creditors straight up. Often, this helps. They want their money so usually they will work with you. They might extend the grace period for payments or allow you to skip a payment for a month and then resume. And ask your boss the reason for the cutback in hours. This will at least give you a heads up as to whether or not this is going to be a long term cutback and let you plan accordingly.

Kudos for coming here instead of drinking!
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I vote as well to talk to your boss first, find out more details regarding the cutback...length? any way to make up even *some* of the hours or possibly helping out elsewhere (have no idea what you do)...maybe do they know of somewhere you could work in the meantime to supplement?

and call the bills you are most worried about. creditors? call them and explain. If it's you have a good relationship with the landlord? Explain again to him what is going on and maybe they will work with you.

sell something if you have anything to sell. it sucks, but it's an option in any case.
props to you for posting and NOT drinking. 6 weeks you have had? Don't let this break you. We all know where this can end up, and it'll be much worse than just cut hours.
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it is not easy
and I feel for anyone in this position
no matter what we go though
either good or bad
for us drinking is not a reward for something good
and also should not be an escape for us in hard times

we know what they say
a year from now as we look back we will probably not even think of this issue
but, I do understand that does not help much at this time

have a blessed sober day
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thanks for the great advice everyone. I did not drink. I texted my boss and we arranged a time on Monday to discuss the schedule. I'm hoping this is just a temporary situation since it is a slower time of the year for my type of work but we'll see. I'm still upset but I'm not going to let it ruin my weekend. it is what it is. thanks again.
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Originally Posted by Dee74 View Post
Fears a biggie...but think about it...the last thing you need right now is the expense of a bender.

You also need to be sober to look for a second job or some way to make the rent.

Sometimes life is hard, but we have to rise to the challenge, not run away from it by getting wasted?

As always the best advice
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Time to apply at Subway. Apply for a night job. Apply for a job doing security, or something. ANY sort of second job can only help. Also, it'll keep you too busy to drink. ;-)
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Hang in there Josh and post if you need to!!
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I found that keeping my sobriety first
and formost, which is vitally important,
because without it to remain sober, I would
not have anything. No job, no home,
no life because to drink would mean
Id surely die and be dead. Period.

A permanent solution to a temporary

Doing the footwork will eventually
give us rewards. That is exactly what
happened to me. I moved back to
my hometown on a ticket that would
get me home with a job I applied for
as a bank teller. Banking had changed
over the yrs. since I first became one
back in 1978.

I was eventually let go after 3 months
training because I couldn't grasp the
computer system. In those 3 months,
I was able to aquire a few bucks to
help me financially in my apt. after
separating from my 25yr. marriage.

Panic set in as to what in the world
would I do as I didn't have a college
degree and was basically an at home
mom most of the marriage with a little
job in customer service at a grocery
store pushing baskets and doing carry
outs. ( I luved being outside and physical
work as to standing up as a cashier).

Anyway....I went to my meetings as I
should, talked and shared with other
members of my fears and struggles
and applied for a few jobs, prayed and....

The answer came as a fellow member
told me that a bakery was looking for
help. So, I hauled tail to it, apllied,
interviewed and go the job.

No, the money was a huge as the bank's
job but I felt comfortable as less stress
in the bakery. That little job was a gift
in recovery and I held onto it for a little
while till my HP place someone in my
life that would be my now husband.

We are both retired and out of the
work force, living a simple sober life
and will never forget that placing
recovery first incoperating the steps
and principles in all my affairs then
I have nothing to fear because I will
always be taken care of either by
the Man Upstairs and my program
of recovery.
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