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This Time

I'm not totally new to this forum having signed up during previous attempts to get sober in the past but somehow this time feels different. It's Thursday morning, I'm off work this week and have just been paid, which would normally mean it would just be a matter of time time until I started drinking. I've drank pretty much daily for years until very recently when I managed a week without alcohol then caved in on Saturday night. This led to me drinking every night this week until something inside me snapped last night and I stopped mid-drink at home alone, poured my beer down the sink and went to bed. I got up at 2am this morning and poured all the remaining alcohol in my fridge away. I obviously have a long way to go but this time I feel ready for the difficult week ahead and look forward to a new way of life. I've been reading this forum since I first signed up but have rarely posted anything but feel that sharing my thoughts on here today can only make me stronger and give me somewhere to come over the next few days, weeks and months. Anyway, sorry for rambling on and look forward to joining the class of June 2014.
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Welcome back Owington - good to 'see' you again

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Welcome back. Glad you're here, trying again. Best wishes.
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Hi and welcome to a chance to enjoy life and be comfortable in your own skin. I needed to get honest about MY drinking with myself and accept the fact I cannot drink in safety and accept that with no ah buts.
I also needed to accept that this sobriety thing is for life not just a week or a few months as alcoholism is progressive and will not get better on it’s own.
I was fortunate that years ago I found a treatment that practically guaranteed lifelong success if I followed it’s program completely one day at a time.

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A Day at a Time
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A worked for me when all else failed. I was taught how to live a full rich and happy life without alcohol
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Welcome back!!
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owington you made a great a decision, stay resolute

wish you well
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