Newbie day 2

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Newbie day 2

Hi all

I'm a 33 year old, who, looking back, has probably had an alcohol problem for the past five years or so.

I've always drank alcohol when socialising in my younger days, but now I find myself drinking on my own, and hiding bottles. I know this isn't normal, if it was, I wouldn't be hiding them.

I don't really drink spirits, it's either a bottle of wine when I finish work or a few cans of beer.

I don't know why I drink. I work hard and have a wonderful family. Poor excuse but I enjoy it to de-stress and wind down.

Well I know this has to change. Back in October last year I gave up for nearly 8 weeks. Then approaching Christmas and an all inclusive holiday saw me return back to my old ways. I'm glad i did in a way, becuase back then I didn't think I had a problem, I could have a couple of beers and limit myself, but I can't.

I gave up smoking ten years ago, gambling two years ago, this is the last thing for me to turn my life around. I know I'm a much better person when I'm off the alcohol. My heads clearer, my mood improves and i'm more energetic and less tired.

So today is day two. I know from past addictions that day one is always the hardest. Once i've done a couple of days I'm proud of myself and build on it.

It has to be zero tolerance for me, I know I cannot go back to it in a couple of months time, or just limit myself to drinking on a night out, it just won't work for me.

I'll stick around here, it's a good way of sharing my thoughts and I enjoy reading other peoples stories for inspiration.

Good luck everyone on your own journeys.

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Hey Brad, Welcome to the Forum!!

SR is a great place, you'll find loads of support and advice here!!
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Hi Brad and welcome to the pursuit of sobriety. You seem to have a few very good things going for you, your honesty about your drinking and you have acceptance that you need to stop it. A major hurtle for many is denial and that can take one to the grave in short order.
I needed to accept the fact that if I don’t have the first drink I won’t have to get sober AGAIN, there were too many agains for me and this addiction never gets better if we drink.

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Welcome Bra and congrats on day 2
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Welcome! Unfortunately, my hardest days are still ahead. It's easy for me to not drink when I am still "hungover." It's when I feel good again that I start to feel invincible, and then think a little wine will make life so much more enjoyable.
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