so confused

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so confused

My husband of the last 12 years admitted to me that he has been doing meth in a garage for the last 8 years. We have a detached garage and he is a mechanic. A little back ground info....when our son was born it killed me literally I was dead for 10 min. So my short term memory is a little strained. He quit working for South western Bell a great job making $28 dollars a hour with health benefits. His parents supported us for 7 years when I finally said to get a job. They are still paying our bills. Just not giving him his drug money. He is so completely different than the man I married. I can't help but think it is the drugs. He is in a outpatient rehab and tells me that he can only work on him not us. He is putting all of his attention on him. I was sort-a ok with that. I am not allowed to look at his phone or be on the phone bill he took charge of that. Or go to any of the meetings at his rehab. Please someone give me some advice! I am looking for work and hope I have something soon. Last night he said he can't do this anymore. He is going to file for divorce. He has been off the drugs since June 5th.
Another thing, about a year ago we went to dinner with a friend of his. A very cute girl. I found that they exchanged OVER 800 text messages in a month. Something doesn't seem right about that? He assures me that nothing has happened between them. He has been to her house and they met out someplace. What makes me question this is she was married to a man who owned a smoke shop and was shut down for selling drugs. He is telling me that she hates drugs and wouldn't have much to do with him if she knew about his drug habit. Yesterday, I asked him if he told her about his meth problem and he said yes. I asked what she said, he said that she has friends that have had problems. and he can work thur it. Oh, the things that I do wrong and he can't take anymore are I call him names when I am mad. Or that I yell all the time. I was in it for the long haul until I got tired of the not really knowing what he was doing. There is NO TRUST THERE.
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Welcome to the Forum Ilovegod!!

Looking in at an addict and everything that goes with that can be difficult, there's so much stress involved in every aspect, but it's important that you get some support to help you through it all, you don't have to go through all of this alone.

SR is a great place for support, we even have a dedicated family/friends area!!

You need to look after you through all of this!!
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