day 17 Bad cravings

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day 17 Bad cravings

Having some crazy cravings today. Like all day. I'm guessing its because my doctor said I was healthy again. Kind of a trigger that I "dont have a problem" I guess.

I'm at work for a couple more hours, but I'm craving pretty bad.
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Hang in there, justin. The cravings will pass, I promise you. It's not worth it to give into them and through the process of not giving in, you may find that you're at an even better place than you were (I did). I know everyone here has different ways of dealing with cravings. In my three months, I've found it helps to read through and comment on SR posts, remind myself why I'm sober and to find another outlet that occupies my mind (sometimes it's tv, sometimes sleep, cooking, cleaning the basement - whatever).

What other things can you do to take your mind off of the craving?
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Yeah, it's getting near home time and you probably don't know what to do with yourself. Plan something nice like watching a dvd and eat as soon as you get home xxxxx
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Cravings pass Justin - get out that CarolD link I posted to you once - lots of tips in there

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Made it home. I'm playing video games and reading sr.
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