Feeling SO PEACEFUL, should I be worried???

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Feeling SO PEACEFUL, should I be worried???

Maybe it's because I have had a life FULL of drama, fear and worry, but I feel so at peace with my life right now. There are no arguments going on with family, my husband and I are getting along beautifully, I have been having a blast with my daughter, and I am feeling love towards myself!

Is this serenity? Have I finally given myself over to my higher power and am letting him take care of me? I LOVE this feeling, but I kind of feel like I should be on guard.
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Love this feeling it's yours... You earned it. But remember all humans have highs and lows, so enjoy the " high" and don't let a temporary low rattle you!

So happy you're happy anchorbird you deserve it!!
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Enjoy it. My first two weeks i felt just like that. This week not so much, but you know what its ok. We are making major changes, the road is not always going to lined with roses but we are now better equipped to deal with stuff while sober.
You rock
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Ride her 'til she bucks.
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^^^ I'm pinching that expression Nonsensical
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Me too sounds a bit saucy
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Embrace the highs but prepare for the lows. Sobriety is for life and there be lots of both
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The other day I wondered if someone is sneaking tranquilizers into my morning coffee. I can't believe the person I have become. I mentioned this in a meeting last night. Everybody chuckled, but, I really meant it. I am calm about things that used to totally freak me out.
Now I say: "oh, look at that" to things that used to make me hysterical.

The main reason is probably because I have eliminated so many unrealistic expectations of myself and the people around me. If you don't expect the world to be perfect, you won't get upset when it isn't. I have also eliminated a lot of attempts to control things that simply cannot be controlled. That's a huge calming force.

I'm coming up on 4 years, so, yeah, you might consider getting used to it!
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Littlefish, THANK YOU for your reply. I feel the same way and love it!
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As drunks I think that we were often waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is soooo nice not to have that feeling. And that is what they call serenity.
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