This is so Damn Hard

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This is so Damn Hard

I honestly think I can't do it. I did a few days sober a few weeks back then felt so good about myself that I thought a wee drink would be ok. Now here I am, again..

I don't understand why I'm doing this to myself: I've gotten to the stage where I've admitted to myself that I'm an alcoholic and that it's affecting me both physically and mentally. I look awful, I've aged massively over just one year.

I just love alcohol so much, it's what I look forward to, and I guess to some extent, it's what I've been living for lately.

I MUST lay off alcohol tomorrow, I know now that I must be completely sober in the long run for my life to work out ok and for my children. This time it MUST start tomorrow, or I fear it never will..

I wish I had the time to go to AA or even to spend some time reading posts on here as they were the inspiration for me when I actually gave up for a few days. I'm going to try my upmost to come on here every morning before work and every evening if I can.

It's just nice be able to express how I feel. Here's to tomorrow. I so want my long term journey to begin. And best wishes to all of you on your journeys to a better life
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hello rose and I know you can do it...Us addicts and alcoholics we are strong people..some of the strongest GOD made...
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I am not sure what is the hardest time of the day for you Rose .... but I found logging in to SR chat really helpful in my usual drinking times in the early days.
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Hi and welcome Rose

It is hard - but it gets easier

and you're not alone...I really urge you to make time to check in here or go to a meeting or whatever else you think will help.

Your recovery needs to be a priority because that's the way you get your life back

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Rose, it took me a long time before I understood that I was sabotaging myself by thinking I could manage my drinking. I had to believe that I deserved a good life, and you do too.

Yes, it is hard, but you can do it.
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rose1234 - you CAN stop drinking!

I never thought I could and I did and I've now been sober for 10 months. I drank for 22 years!! I am glad that I got sober - mainly for my daughter, who is only 8 years old. But mostly FOR MYSELF.

Please don't keep on drinking and go to the depths of despair that I got to. You don't want to risk losing all that you have.

SR is a wonderful place where you will find a ton of advice, support and encouragement.

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Thank you for your support guys. I usually start craving around 2p.m. I will try to log in as soon as I get anxious. Thanks
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Welcome to the family.

I used to think I was hopeless too, that I would drink myself to death. But I didn't give up and now have four years sober! If I can do it, so can you.
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Posts: 1,126 the beginning, SR can be a life line. Logging on in the morning is great, but I think the best is to log on when you get home, when you start thinking of grabbing that first drink.

I think that's where SR can work its best magic.
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How are you doing today rose 1234?
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Hope all is well x
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