1 month today!!!! is it normal to feel too confident?

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1 month today!!!! is it normal to feel too confident?

I can't believe I did it, but I did and I feel great. I'm so happy that I stuck it out through the boredom and anxiety.

I have this need to perfect everything in my life now, ok, maybe not perfect it, but majorally improve. Maybe I am just out of the mentality that its okay to be easy on myself? I know I need to take it easy while my anemia issues improve, but for example, I wore myself out by spending 2 hours at the gym yesterday because I ate terribly over the weekend. I guess I feel very confident, that I can take on the world, but am I setting myself up to relapse?
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Only setting yourself up if you tell yourself relapse is ok! Enjoy this up swing in sobriety you deserve it! Stay vigilant. Congrats on 1 month, very proud of you
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I can relate to the thinking of not letting myself get away with stuff now. But there is also self discipline in moderation and self care, that sort of balance is what us alcoholics need. One day a a time make your life manageable. Do you go to AA?
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Congratulations on the one month!

You're doing amazing. Take a deep breath and don't over think it. It's such a great feeling when you hit a milestone and realize "Yes, I can REALLY do this!". Some call it the pink cloud, I like to think of it as healing. Your mind is healing both physically and mentally, all of your body is healing. It's an overwhelmingly great feeling.

Instead of being concerned about confidence possibly leading you to relapse turn that around. Be confident that you made it one month and draw on that strength to realize that this can be done.

Vigilance is always important but sometimes I think we get so concerned about going backward we forget to focus on the amazing work we've done.
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Yes, I am in AA, have a sponsor and go to 7 (sometimes more) meetings a week. I have it engraved in my head to take sobriety 1 day at a time, but I guess I need to apply it to other areas of my life as well.
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keep it up. This is a new way of life and the best is yet to come.
Start using your sponsor to get thru the steps.
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Improve, improve, improve! By all means!
I think that is a great attitude. Now that you have your wings back, see where they can take you.

Since you mentioned the gym and diet, though, I think those are two areas where it really is a long-term game, where being consistent and just sticking to your plan is the most important thing. (it's kind of similar to sobriety, I think, so shaping up fits well to new sober life) Plan the work, work the plan, assess progress in quarter-year intervals. Long-term stuff. It's nice because it's all you, you're not dependent on anyone else, it's just success or failure based solely on your actions. A great opportunity to build up some self-confidence! Oops, sorry, I got on my fitness soapbox there for a minute . .
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Congrats on one month sober!
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Congratulations on One SOBER Month anchorbird !

Nothing wrong with feeling good.

Some people talk about the "pink cloud" in early sobriety (feeling too good too soon) as a prelude to relapse. After almost 8 months of sobriety my pink cloud has settled to a feeling of peace and contentment that I have not experienced in years.

Enjoy sobriety. You will not relapse unless you choose to relapse.
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Firstly, well done on 1 month Anchorbird!

I've had some of the same feelings, especially during the first few weeks. I felt able to 'fix' everything for the first time in years and went a bit crazy with it. I felt guilty every time I wasn't doing something that was going to be life affirming and self improving. It slowly seems to be balancing out as the weeks go on so hopefully it will be the same for you.

Remember to give yourself a break at times and enjoy that film you've always been meaning to watch or that book you've been meaning to read guilt free. And if that's along with a bar of chocolate then so be it!
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1 month is awesome. Congratulations. What a great accomplishment. I agree with TM, nothing wrong with feeling good. Just make sure you give your sobriety some credit for those good/confident feelings.
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Congrats on one month!! That's awesome! As others have said, there is nothing wrong with feeling great! Just be sure to keep your sobriety a top priority. I made it to 39 days a slipped for two and had to start over. I got overly confident in my ability to not drink and it got me. Now I have learned to enjoy my sobriety and the freedom that comes with it while also keep a vigilant eye on that nasty AV.
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Great job on your one month! We know how hard you worked to get here.
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There will be up's and down's ahead, thats life

It's all part of your journey . I find the contrast, the ebb and flow enjoyable . When the tears fall and my heart is breaking i'm thankful still for this glorious chance to live one more moment , take one more breath . I play the cards life deals me fully despite the fear and pain or maybe because of the fear and pain .
Is there any other way to live ones life other than wholeheartedly ?

Enjoy your success , Keep on

Bestwishes, m
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