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pls help

Hi all, newcomer here... I had my first joint about 14 years ago, and a year or so later I was smoking weed every day. I tried to get rid of the habit several times, and never managed longer than a few days to a week at a time. I am about to try and make a career for myself in a field of work where I will be drugs tested regularly, so to do this I have to be clean. I really want to stop smoking weed, but I dont know what to do with myself. I try watching films, documentaries, reading, playing computer games and running or hiking until I am about to collapse, anything to distract myself, but all I can think about is getting high. I have had some messed up dreams, and I cant concentrate or feed myself properly.. I am either forcing myself to eat, or not eating anything.

What I really need to know, is how long do I need to keep this up before I am clean? I have been smoking every day for more than a decade, am average weight, and exercise regularly. There are so many conflicting estimates of how long it takes THC to leave your body/body fat, and I really need to get an estimate so I can work out what timeframe to work my application around. I cant do what I really want with my life until I pass a drugs test, and if I fail it then I have some serious problems. You would think this would be enough to motivate me, but I cant seem to convince myself. There is no reason for me to keep smoking - I wont blame my problems on anything but myself, but weed has given me a way of opting out of life, maybe I am just to much of a coward to get out there and get on with it. I cant just pick it up and put it down, I am an all or nothing kind of guy I think.

I have been clean for four days now, my girlfriend who still smokes has agreed to do so in a different room so that I can try and remove that level of temptation, but I am concerned that I will still be picking up THC from second hand smoke, even though I am not in direct contact with her while she smokes.. does that sound likely? This post is starting to ramble on a bit so I will tie it up... pls let me know if you have any advice to beat withdrawal, or can tell me what sort of length of detox I am looking at so I can start moving forward with my life and leave that rubbish behind me.
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I don't know how long it takes to leave the tissues in the body. Best to stay clean anyway for this job.

Welcome to SR!
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I hope you continue to focus on staying clean.

I have no idea how long THC would take to leave your body.
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Do you want to get the job so you can stop or do you want the job and have to stop.
I think you need to quit first. The craving goes quickly for most but like all addictions staying off needs the help, stick here and you will get a lot of help.
Good luck.
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Hi and welcome anagram

I have no idea on the test thing - it depends on the test and the method really - (urine test, hair test or whatever). I'm sure you could Google the info.

Like others have said the best thing you can do is stay off the weed - 4 days is great.

I smoked daily for 30 years - the first two weeks were tough but not unbearable for got better after that. Who knows maybe you'll inspire your gf too?

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