Day 1 and head from hell...

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Day 1 and head from hell...

Woke up at 3am this morning on the sofa having drunk 2 bottles of white wine and started on a bottle of red. Had food around me that I have no recollection of getting...

Am so sick of this bloody hamster wheel going round and round getting drunk, swearing to stop only to give in at 6pm and drink massively to excess again.

I've poured it all away, again....

My head hurts like hell, I want this to work this time.

I want more energy
I want to feel alive
I want to lose weight
I want to stop spending 50 a week on wine
I want to stop being annoyed at my children from the moment I wake up
I want to stop feeling tired and hungover all the time
I want to feel clean
I want to look in the mirror and not see some rough pig looking back at me

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Welcome Ludo,

I went down your list and can report that I got all of your wants by staying sober. It has been almost 9 months since my last hangover and drink. I do it by living one day at a time.

There's been days I got super close to drinking but I just asked myself to make it through today. If I want to drink I can pick up tomorrow. And usually I don't want to drink tomorrow. Or I just tell myself the same thing.

After awhile my cravings went away. I never have a serious thought about drinking anymore. It is very rewarding knowing that I can face life without booze. My life is certainly not perfect but its so much better without alcohol. And hangovers are the pits!

Your list of wants isn't anything spectacular. Its not too much to ask for. You can do all of that by sticking around here and finding out how to stay stopped.

Best of luck
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Thanks, I can't imagine it working which I know is very negative but it's been a year since I managed to give up for a month. Since then I've only ever managed 2 days. Kind of want to fast forward a few weeks, lol...
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Welcome Ludo

I couldn't imagine it working either - I'd tried so many times...but I focused on getting through one day at a time sober, I made changes in my life, and I reached out for support.

Still going strong nearly 7 years later
You can do it too

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I dont think any of us could ever see a life beyond the blur - beyond the merry go round and its dam annoying tune that was stuck on repeat - driving us madder and sadder day by day.

Good news is.. Its something you have a choice over - its not an easy one and its probably not an urge that will ever leave you but you can have a life as you described.

Support is paramount and so is willpower - but you want it or else you wouldnt have bothered posting here, the question is how badly do you want it and how hard are you going to try?

One day at a time, sometimes 5 minutes at a time is all i can see as far but reading on here others stories shows me that it can and will be done if you put in the effort.

Good luck and keep posting it helps
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Welcome Ludo, lots of support to be found here.
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The nice thing about sobriety is that you can have everything positive on your list. Get of the wheel. It's pretty simple but complicated at the same time. You aren't really living life when you are drinking. You are just getting by. Read up on this site and reach out for support. Living a sober life is so worth it; challenging at times but so worth it!
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Replying to this post because this was me 2 years ago, under my first username, I searched and found myself so I thought I'd tag myself on it..

2 years on Ludo aka ForeverFuzzy can update that after 38 days;

I want more energy = TICK
I want to feel alive = TICK
I want to lose weight = TICK
I want to stop spending 50 a week on wine = TICK
I want to stop being annoyed at my children from the moment I wake up = TICK
I want to stop feeling tired and hungover all the time = TICK
I want to feel clean = TICK
I want to look in the mirror and not see some rough pig looking back at me = TICK

Wow, I've really managed to change....
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Good job ForeverFuzzy! All those things that are on your list were things that I felt. I'm glad you're here and can vouch for the fact that it does get better. Keep going!!
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Congratulations on day 1. All things are possible, just need to stay focused on you dreams and goals. Lots of support here. One day at a time.
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I am sorry you are feeling awful. Some of that is your brain saying, "Dude, what the hell are you doing?" which causes anxiety etc. The other part is dehydration. Can you get some pedialyte? Its a childs rehydration drink that is meant for little kids when they are sick. Much better than gatorade because it doesnt have those bad sugars.

I have been there many mornings. Waking up and saying, "Dude what the fudruckers are you doing? You knew you would feel like this but you kept downing the drinks like there is no tomorrow."

The best thing is that if you stop, for good, you never have to feel that way because of alcohol again. You can feel, act, and be a normal person. You can enjoy your kids in the morning... and most importantly you can enjoy the feeling of not being hung over. Will you feel like shyte some days? Sure, everyone has days when they get sick, or just dont feel right. But those are far and few between when you get sober.
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Ludo, that's no way of living either for yourself or your family. There is life beyond wine, and I should know.

I'm guessing you're getting strong cravings when you stop drinking. Rather than white knuckling why not do a search on SR for 'cravings' and work out a plan to deal with them? It can be done.
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Do your best
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Hi Ludo congrats on making a day 1 I really believe having a sobriety plan will help you stay sober I've included some useful links to help get you started
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Well done foreverfuzzy!
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