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I cant stop taking pills. I tried I blew it. I thought after only a week off that I could just have some fun one night and now Im hooked again. Even when I was "off" the pain pills I was taking xanax and smoking pot so I guess I wasnt really sober anyways. What are the thoughts on pot? Do I need to give that up too to really get sober? Is it ok to use it to help with withdrawals? I really dont know. My parents are former hippies and I've grown up with pot and have always condsidered it harmless and not a real drug. But if that's not gonna allow me to get off pills than maybe i need to stop that too? Everything at once or one at a time? My problem is that I dont take a lot of one thing, but a little of everything. So I dont know where to start. I have the whole day ahead of me. I dont have a thing to eat or drink. I need to go to the store but I just want to take a xanax and sleep. When I go to bed at night I hope I wont wake up.
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I quit drugs in 1986 but kept drinking because I didn't think it was a problem. I was also ignorant about "recovery" and thought it was just about quitting. Well my drinking progressed and that's why I'm on SR.

I think if you continue to get high, even if it's not pills, you are still feeding the addiction. Perhaps you need support or rehab. Have you tried NA? Sought out a place to detox?
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I always found its easier to quit 1 vice at a time but im no expert or anything thats what worked for me.
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I feel like I dont deserve to go to detox or NA. I feel like they will laugh at me cause I dont take that many pills compared to what they went through. I think Im just the weakest most pathetic person in the world to be so hooked on such a small amount of pills.
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Never say "CAN"T" first off. You can with proper support and the right mind set. Right now it doesn't sound like you are totally committed.

I would recommend that you continue reading posts on this board with the same issues you have with pills and see their results. I do not know if you drink, but mixing them is extremely dangerous. As far as pot, I do not have an opinion one way or the other. Some say it leads to other addictions.

When you truly are dedicated to stop this cycle, it might be wise to talk honestly with your Doctor and get help with a tapering plan. Myself and many others can attest to the fact that the road you are on WILL eventually lead to an unhealthy and sad life.

Keep posting and read. Good Luck!
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when people get hooked on stuff they don't wake up one day and start popping mass pills at a time its a gradual process they woulda probably been where your at now at one point except you were smart enough to try and quit earlier.
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Originally Posted by Amalthea View Post
I cant stop taking pills.
Of course you CAN, you just haven't YET.

Originally Posted by Amalthea View Post
I tried I blew it.
Try again.

You can do this!
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Check out Marajuana Anonymous online, read some stories etc, see what you think. If that's where this whole "tuning out on life" started for you, THAT may be the best place to begin.
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if pot and xanax led you to a place where going back on your DOC seemed ok, the answer seems pretty obvious to me.

Why not try full recovery this time?

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NA isn't just for smack slammers and crack heads. Check it out? I was a 40-year pot head and couldn't have gotten clean without peer help.

And on the sober thingy, smoking pot or taking Xanax without a prescription isn't the definition of the term in my book. I tried the eliminating one drug at a time thing. Didn't work out real well.

If you think you have a problem you probably do. And there is no barometer to how many pills you take to qualify for NA. I do NA and AA and have never seen someone laughed at for having a desire to get off their poison of choice.
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This question comes up a lot and will probably continue as it seems to be gaining more acceptance and has been legalized in some places. But then again alcohol is legal too and it is a problem for millions of people. I think if you have to ask the question about marijuana you probably already know the answer. I had several years of sobriety from alcohol (my drug of choice) but I got hooked on opiates after major surgery and some complications. Within a year I was back to drinking. At first just a couple beers a night to give the pills a bit of a "boost". I got off of the pills after a couple of years, but 8 years later I am just getting sober again from alcohol.

I'm not saying you can't quit one drug at a time, just sharing my experience that getting addicted to pills led me back to my alcohol addiction.
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