Started fresh yesterday

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Started fresh yesterday

As much as I hated to have to change my sobriety date to 5/14 I'm just happy to be able to say I haven't had a drop of alcohol since mid day Monday. I let Mother's Day affect me and get me down which triggered a massive drinking binge. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to stay sober this time. I forced myself to go to the gym last night even though I was (am) still recovering. I only walked 20 minutes for just under a mile but it was a step forward. Tonight I have a small group class and plan to do a little cleaning when I get home. If needed I will spend the night at my bf's house. I'm going to take it one day (or hour/minute) at a time.
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Good job getting back on Sinderos. Do you have any new plans to help with cravings that might pop up like last time around?
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Your doing exactly the right things.

Not beating yourself up about the slip is the first step.
Keeping busy and taking it hr by hr or minute by minute.

maybe worth seeking some counselling about why mothers day hurt so much, or talk it out with whoever you have for support.

Take care
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ScottfromWI, I do have plans to keep from havin this happen again. I'm going to really focus on the gym, a small group class at church, starting back learning to play the piano, lots of SR, more walks with the dog and reconnecting with my family that I've neglected for so long. If I feel that isn't enough then I will go to AA or Celebrate Recovery.

Torso, I have a 21 year old son who is a meth addict. I haven't heard from him in months and have tried to get him to go to rehab a few times. I've gone to Alanon which has helped a lot, but this year was really difficult.
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I'm glad you're moving forward again.
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Sinderos, good job on getting back on the path. I'm so sorry that you had a rough Mother's Day. My brother is also an addict (almost anything and everything) and he disappears for months at time causing the whole family, especially my mother, incredible heartache. This Mother's Day was bad for us as he left rehab a few months ago and we haven't heard a word since. My mom was in pieces for most of Sunday despite the fact that his behavior isn't anything new. So, yeah, I completely feel for you there.

In either case, I'm glad you're planning to get some extra support in your recovery. AA is helpful sometimes because of the anonymity factor if family and friends are too stressful initially.

Of course we are always here for you too! Big hug for today, you can do this!
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Two things I love about SR is the unconditional and nonjudgmental support!!! Thank you all for your encouraging words.
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