Haven't been honest with myself

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Haven't been honest with myself

I finally did what I should have done a long time ago, I reset the calendar, today is day four. I got very drunk at the end of April, I was at a convention and got caught up in the moment and let myself slip. I drank a few times over the winter as well. My original aim was to abstain from pot, and that goal has remained intact, however I came dangerously close to throwing that away and I now realize the importance of abstaining from everything, all drugs will lead back to my drug of choice.

I don't want to pick and choose, it's either everything or nothing, so while I am still over nine months sober from pot, I still feel I must reset the date, I just can't take it seriously knowing that I was only half sober for some of that time.
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Ive got 4 sobriety dates.

1. Alcohol, 2. Hard-drugs, 3. Softdrugs, 4. Nicotine

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Being honest with oneself is a crucial part of recovery. I couldn't stay sober as long as I was lying to myself. Once I got honest, I 'got' recovered.
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Good for you for being honest with yourself, and coming clean to us.

There is a lot of forum traffic about sobriety dates, counting, what constitutes resetting your sobriety date.

I've come to the conclusion that the most important sobriety date is today's. We are blessed to be sober today. If we are so fortunate, we will carry that into tomorrow.
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Congrats! I know its tough to be honest with ourselves with this crap. The AV, stinking thinkin' or whatever term you choose is basically self-denial, a warped perspective (we're lying to ourselves and others whether we realize it or not). Be proud of staying away from the wacky weed, its a great beginning.
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