ty vanilla milkshake

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ty vanilla milkshake

I finished doing some shopping and was driving home when the thoughts began...
"Stop for an ice cold Sam Adams", the voice said..."You've been doing great, you deserve a refreshing beer...what will one beer do to you ? Go ahead and get one." I don't think I'm crazy...but I swear I hear these thoughts.

It was only after a few minutes of this thought war of mine that the idea of a vanilla milkshake seemed to barge in and take over. "Stop for a will feel better."

It was delicious and yes... I felt much better.
Thanks vanilla milkshake, you got me through day 15.
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A year or two back, we used to have a milkshake thread. Milkshakes, or a big bowl of ice cream is great at satisfying that urge to drink. Don't ask me how it works, but after having one or the other, the urge to drink is gone!

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Way to go! did brill :-)

I had same today loads for daughters birthday , did load of DIY and thought hell I deserve a glass of wine!..fleeting thought but was there :-(

Grabbed some milk instead - I got a real problem with milk - drinking about 4 pints a day

Need a cow ....
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Same here. Once upon a time, I was just getting home from the commissary and the urge to drink hit me like a ton of bricks. I could taste the vodka even....

So I searched the grocery bags for the Ben and Jerry's that I just bought and got a spoon. Saved the day.
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good for you
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Thumbs up

There are so many options available to
take the place of those dreadful drinking

Options like, a favorite pint of Ben & Jerry's
ice cream, different music, anything that
smells awesome. Like yesterday I need new
bath and body wash, so a trip to Walmart
and down the soap isle to pick out something
new. There are sooooooo many to chose from
and decide, but exciting. Low and behold, I
got good ol Gold Dail liquid. See I was brought
up with Dial back in the day, 50's, 60's..... lol
and so, I bought it and OH MY
smelled so wonderful and I felt soooooo fresh
and clean. lol

Like I said, there are so many options out there
in the world that is healthier for us to choose
from instead of drugs or alcohol.

Today, im into flowers. And they have to be RED.

But, with so many varieties available, it's so much
fun going to find them.

If you road a motorcycle, planning a new destination
is also fun. We have been to the Grande Canyon,
Sturgis twice, not for the drinking, but mainly to see
the many bikes traveling up and down the highway
there. At the end of this yr. we will begin making
plans for next yrs. road trip and what a joy it will
be to take it again sober. If we go in August next
yr. then I can plan on picking up my next AA chip
where ever we go just like I did last yr. in Sturgis
at the Central Office. 22yrs and still going strong.

Glad you found something nice and tasty to treat
urself instead of poison.
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