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Newbie here

I'm an 18 year old boy struggling with alcohol. I have been for 3 years and it's worse now I've been old enough to buy it for 9 months. I managed 15 days without a drink then it got too much and I got a bottle whicky and 4 litres of coke last night.
I've tried A.A. locally, but their attitude is that I can't possibly be an alkie @ my age.
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I'm now 20 hours since my last drink. I'm holding down water abd dry toast which is ggod progress.
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That could not possibly be everyones attitude at the AA meeting. Go back for yourself. Sit and listen and try to identify with others. Look for similarities not differences. Here is a link to a AA big Book Online. Please start reading with Dr Opinion.

Linked with Permission of AA World Services

Big Book On Line

Glad you are here. I totalled out a cop car at age 19 and thought I was to young to be an alkie. Wish I had a glimpse of what was waiting out there.
I am 51 now. Sober and Clean but not all that long.
After 7 jails, 5 detoxes, 5 psych wards, 4 treatment centers,3 DUI's and a nursing home. Go back to AA and don't let anyone tell you , you are to young to be an alkie. If you have a desire to stop drinking than you are a member of AA.

If you walked into one of my AA meetings I would be so happy to see you tackling this illness at such an early age.
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Hi Dave

Are you in the UK? Ignore the comment about your age from the AA. There is no age you have to be to be classed as having a problem with drink. And at your age its hard as in the UK it is normal to go out and get blitzed every weekend night.

Your doing good, keep hydrated with water and fresh fruit juices.
A bit of toast will help too.

Just think in 4 hours you will have one day sober!

Have you tried a young persons AA meeting at all?

Keep coming here reading, posting and learning.
We all have to 'get it' eventually where alcohol is concerned. I wish I had 'got i't when I was 18 rather in my 30"s. There will stacks more people here who will say that too.

Great to have you here.
Hope day 2 comes quick for you
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Welcome Dave. It is not your age or the amount you drink that makes you an alcoholic. If you feel that you have a problem, that is problem enough. I am sorry that AA in your area hasn't been helpful. Have you tried different meetings? Best of luck.
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Another problem is I look about 12. People use the word "kid" about me behind my back. I feel like a frightened little boy. I wear shorts and a t shirt a lot, which makes me look young. Evertone else in A.A. seems so grown up.
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How many AA meetings have you been to Dave?

I think everybody stares at everybody else a lot when you go to AA, especially when your new. Almost like 'wow, you don't look like an alcoholic' and probably trying to see if they know you from somewhere else.

I wouldn't let it bother you and I certainly would not let it get in the way of being sober.

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Perhaps try some different meetings. And you can always come here. We're open all the time. What about counseling? I've stayed sober over three years now with the support of this site and my counselor.

I'm glad you found us and joined the family.
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Hi Dave

Here are some UK links that might be useful


Home | Aquarius

SMART Recovery - SMART Recovery UK

and maybe a different meeting might help?

Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) Great Britain

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Stick around this site Dave...tons of sober support here!
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I hope you find some support and know that you can always come here and talk.
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