tempted to go out

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tempted to go out

It's thirsty thursday tonight. My last thursday night of college. So tempted to go out right now but I know if I do I will drink. ahhhh
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Jackie, it will not be worth it. You said you usually black out when you drink. I don't think you want to go through that tonight, and then the aftermath tomorrow.
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What is your favorite movie?? Put in that DVD and stay in!! Hey, if nothing else, your wallet will be appreciate it
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Thirsty Thursday? We had Margarita Mondays! when I was in undergrad in Boston... Can you go to a movie, Starbucks or something else instead?
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Thank you everyone. I' have a bio final tomorrow, it's optional, but I decided it would be best to take it so I can study all night
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Time for my emergency go to post Jackie

This is why you may not want to drink today.....
I'll give you a reminder why you may not want to drink today.

Feeling ashamed and embarassed when you wake up.

Feeling hopeless all over again.

Worrying about who you fell down in front of .

Not remembering where u were last night or how u got home. .

Anxiety next day.

Trying to remember if I did anything stupid the night before .

Avoding all the people you were with for a week.

Having to ask your friends once again if you made an a** out of yourself last night.

Waking up with that panicked feeling thinking "who did I talk to on the phone last night? .

Vomiting or dry heaves trying to brush your teeth the next morning.

Hangovers .

Calling in sick and making excuses .

Throwing up on the side of the road .

Unprotected sex in a black out.

"Where did that bruise/injury come from?"

Getting pulled over for a DUI .

Wondering why your wallet is empty .

Spending money that you don't have .

Heartburn .

Sharing a cell with a woman named Helga who is 6 ft tall and has whiskers.

Still want to drink? I didn't think so!!
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Deeker, thank you so much for that post!
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Your way to early in recovery to even consider that atmosphere. Seriously.
How about have a "THANKFUL THURSDAY"
Be Thankful you are Sober for Today!
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Proud to say I stayed in . Thank you everyone for the support
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Your stomach, head, and liver Thank you !
Good job. I am very happy to see that you stayed away from the alcohol. Pat yourself on the back.
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