Coming up on 48 hours...

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Coming up on 48 hours...

Last drink was around 3am on Thursday. Woke up Thursday morning in some girls bed and had to walk home 2 miles with no shoes on because at some point in the prior evening I thought it'd be a good idea to throw my shoes onto the roof of a building. So that morning I decided to quit telling myself I'd quit next week, and decided to quit that day.

I made it to 4 months at the beginning of 2012, only to cave in during one of the glorified drinking holidays all us Americans all seem to enjoy far too much.

So here I am again, Friday night and my phone is going off constantly with people wondering where I'm at. hopefully I can survive the weekend. Can already feel those demons trying to pull me out of bed and onto that bar stool.
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Welcome aboard

SR is great for fighting those demons - there's a lot of support encouragement and ideas here

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Wow...I thought I was the only one to randomly throw my shoes away. I threw a perfectly good pair off a bridge into a river for absolutely no reason. But, then again, no much an alcoholic does is based on reason. Those demons always got the best of me until I pretty much lost everything. Keep your phone off!
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The walk of the shame was a big factor of me giving up the booze.

It is so peaceful in my head now that I have given up the drink and there are no events like this to torture myself with. Although there are events from the past that I still torture myself with but its nice to know there will not be anymore in the future.

Do what you can to get through this weekend.
Turn your phones off if you have to.
Be strong saying no.

As soon as you have a couple of days without drink you will feel better and optimistic for the future.
The days soon add up as you know.

By the time monday comes you will feel very proud of yourself .

My best to you
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