The Shrinking To Do List

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The Shrinking To Do List

I've just passed 9 months sober, and one of the biggest benefits of sobriety I've found is that I no longer feel overwhelmed by my To Do list. While I was drinking it seemed the list got longer each day, and some items would remain on the list literally for months. The more I'd avoid it the worse it became. The more I drank the more I ignored, and the more things needed urgent attention. The more things I avoided doing, the more severe the consequences would get.

Now I seem to have broken the cycle and it's amazing. I've cleared off so much of the list I can start adding fun things, or interesting things instead of only bills, responsibilities, and crap. I thought it would be nice to have a thread where people can post productive things they've gotten done to encourage others to keep moving forward It may also turn into a thread that will give you some ideas of things to do when you're riding out major cravings...

Some of the ones I've gotten rid of recently....

-2 visits to the dentist (knowing it would be bad news and went anyway)
-Filed 4 years of back taxes (still working on paying them but it's a start)
-applied for health insurance as my job doesn't offer any
-took car in for much needed repair
-started giving away clothes that don't fit or that I never wear
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That is really cool. Congrats. I love getting stuff done too. Keep at it, and make sure you make time to play and have fun.
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Great idea! I'm 115 days sober:

-Bought a new car
-Found a regular doctor, had bloodwork done, it came back normal (it had been high liver enzymes last time I went 2 years ago and I had put it off until I got sober)
-Started taking vitamins every day (not a biggie but when I was drunk it was off and on)
-Purchasing a rental property (closing may 3rd)
-Starting to organize my life
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This thread's a great idea. I'm just starting, so I've nothing to add at this stage.
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This is a really great post.

I had a lot of not-so-fun things to do when I stopped drinking, too. I had neglected dentist, dr and lots of other things while drinking. But, as you said, you can get through the list slowly but surely, and move on to more fun things to do.
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9 months sober is a fantastic place to be

Originally Posted by FreeFall View Post

I've just passed 9 months sober, and one of the biggest benefits of sobriety I've found is that I no longer feel overwhelmed by my To Do list.
don't take it for granted
consider it a blessing

I have had times when I sobered up and did the same
got a whole lot of most everything done
then this last time sobering up -- up to about the 6 month sober point
I didn't even want to walk to the mailbox to get the mail

I'm happy for you
9 months sober is a fantastic place to be in ones life

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Great thread!

I'll add to it

1. bought an alarm clock (easy but was on the to do list for 10 years)
2. actually take my vitamins before they expire
3. read 5 books that have been on my 'must read' list for over a year
4. sorted through all the papers on my desk
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Here's some of the things I've been putting off:

- getting the headlights fixed on my car (can't drive in the dark)
- sorting out my tax info (from the year before last)
- opening my mail (going back about 9 months)
- paying taxes including property taxes (I wonder whether I have a property in tax sale)
- seeing the doctor (I've run out of prescription meds)
- seeing the dentist (they've given up calling me)
- getting plumbing fixed

But I'm sober now, and am starting to catch up on things. I can see my surroundings transforming, slowly but surely, and it surprises me, as though elves have come in the night.
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