Do you reward yourself?

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Hi PG,

Yes, I do reward myself to celebrate! At 2 months I bought a Turkish washcloth and lemon verbena soap. For my 3 mo I shopped for clothes at a thrift store. I've had problems in the past being materialistic, so I limit the $ I spend. I also try to buy earth friendly goods that are not made in sweatshops. Farmer's Market is another great place to splurge.

I know it's a 24 hour program but I mark time on my calendar. Lol

Way to go on your 7 days!!!!

Peace & Hugs

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Yes, I buy good cheeses :-)
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If I said I'd reward myself on a certain date it would cause me too much anxiety to NOT drink lol and I have enough at certain times. Every day I stay sober I am rewarded with a clear head, memories of the night before and a sense of self worth.
I do however treat myself to treats now and then (sweets, carbs) I think well hey I'm not wasting calories on drinks so may as well let my taste buds have a party
Whatever works for you...each journey is unique
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I think it is good to reward yourself. Personally, I'll go out to dinner or go shopping when I get my paycheck to reward myself for being sober. I only do that once a month or so.

I rewarded myself A LOT in the first couple months I was sober. I bought coffee everyday and food whenever I wanted it, and then I had no money.

Now, I do smaller things like taking a bath, going fishing, going swimming, drinking tea, just little things to relax and motivate me. For my 6 months, I'm thinking I'll probably just hang out with some close friends and go to a meeting or something. For my year, out to dinner.

But let me tell you, that first week was harder for me than months 3-5 put together. Don't get me wrong. I still did have some hard times in the past few months, but it gets a lot better. GOOD JOB!!! Reward yourself often but not to the point you become broke like I did!! You deserve it!
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When I reach my first month I'm treating myself to a new pair of running shoes. Figured with the money I'm saving not consuming alcohol or cigarettes why not?
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I'm with the "whatever works for you" crowd. We each have different personalities, motives and tendencies.

Counting days, giving myself treats, or, when I went to meetings, going up to get key tags...were counter productive for me. Weird personality I guess. People used to tell me I was wrong to feel that way etc, but for me, it kept me focused on things not useful to my recovery.

But such things work well for many people if marking time and milestones strengthens your recovery, go for it! And congrats on your clean time!
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