Favourite non alcoholic drink?

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Favourite non alcoholic drink?

Does tea turn you on.
Or coffee make you chirpy.
Perhaps water is the drink you choose.
Because lemonade makes you birpy!

I was just interested in what other recovering alcoholics drink now that alcoholic beverages are no longer part of your life.

For me there is one and only one nectar of the Gods!

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I drink a lot of squash and also green tea with honey in it
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I love lemon water...fresh lemon off my tree and water...yummm
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Hears The Voice
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The Yum
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I make iced tea and lately loving this strange juiced concoction of kale, strawberries, blueberries, apple, celery, yogurt, apple juice blended with ice. It truly is a nutrient packed drink that I find helps replenish what I have lost nutrient wise. It's also high in fiber too.
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I also can drink flavored sparkling water like its going out of style.
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Tea, Ice Tea, Canada Dry (Ginger Ale) and Soda water with Lime.
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La Croix
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When I go to a Mexican Restaurant I especially like Horchata, or Agua de Tamarindo.

If I am with Business Associates at a restaurant and they are drinking, I like Tonic with a twist of Lime..sans alcohol

At Home or at the Office, I like Cranberry and Perrier.

And at Lunch, I like Unsweet Tea with lemon...or just plain Water with Lemon

I like having so much to choose from being Sober. I now realize just how 'Limiting' it was drinking all the time. My only choice was to let my drinking make all the choices.
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voices ca**y
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Coffee. Then I switch to non caffeinated tea at noon.
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Faith and reason
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Coffee, tea, energy drinks...let's be honest here, anything with caffeine in it. But also Ribena, both hot and cold. Back at uni I used to have ginger ale and lime on the rare occasions I was in a pub but wasn't drinking. An AA friend has recently introduced me to a new one - lime cordial topped up with sparkling water.
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Arnold Palmers have become my new habit.
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Italian mineral water with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
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just a few drops in a glass of water is all it takes
for a very nice tasting inexpensive drink
I like the sweet tea one the best
can be found at Wal-Mart for around 3 dollars a bottle
one small bottle makes many many glasses of a tasty drink

MiO is a zero calorie liquid beverage mix that offers artificially sweetened beverage options in multiple flavors.[1] MiO was originally released by Kraft Foods in March 2011. The current motto is "Make it yours". MiO, when translated from Italian and Spanish, means "mine".[2] MiO Energy was launched in 2012. MiO FIT was launched in 2013. It is relatively notorious on the internet due to the powerful sourness of the pure undiluted product.

MiO products state they use no artificial flavors, but are artificially colored and sweetened with concentrated syrups.[3] MiO Energy contains 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving. With the exception of Canadian varieties, all contain propylene glycol.[4]

MiO is listed as having less than 2 % of natural flavors. Other listed ingredients are citric acid, propylene glycol, malic acid, sucralose, acesulfame Potassium, potassium citrate, Allura Red AC 40, Brilliant Blue FCF 1 and potassium sorbate. Red 40 is banned in some European countries and is not recommended for children. Blue1 has been banned in a number of European countries.
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Coffee in the morning. Diet Pepsi as a treat. Cup of tea every night before bed. I need to drink more water!!!
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In the morning, coffee.
During the day, water and maybe another coffee.
At restaurants with a meal, water with lemon.
With dessert, coffee.
On a hot day, iced tea.
At night, hot tea.
At baseball games, NA beer with a hot dog.

Go-to anytime drink, water.
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AA coffee ...
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Coffee, lemon water, Almond Milk, Vitamin water..... I recently took on drinking Diet coke at the Eatery. I have to quit. They are giving me hangovers. Coffee.... Holy Basil Tea at night.
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1. Coffee

2. Coffee

3. Coffee
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