168 days

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168 days

I haven't been back to this site for what must be a year now. However, I was kicking back before thinking about the fact that I haven't drunk, drugged or smoked in 24 weeks now and thought I'd come online and post a thread about how much my life has changed.

Firstly, when I was here last time I had bottomed out and was reaching out. I think a few weeks in I started to feel better. Wasn't long before a few beers, led to a few cheeky lines which led to smoking drugs and three day benders getting loose as again.

Low and behold, I went out with a bang one night! Obviously there is no need to glorify my escapades, nonetheless lets just say I didn't win any mates that night.

A week later I quit everything.

Unfortunately, I'm all or nothing and that's the reality of my life.

Now, to give you a background on me, I'm 30 and have jostled with drug and alcohol dependence all my life. I bloody love the stuff!

Call it a crisis, I just got sick of wasting time and making up the numbers. One thing I'm sure you can all relate to is the ability for your vice to take you to places in your head that make you ask the tough questions....

Truth is, most of the time, these questions are worth asking, it's just that we don't have the clarity to properly qualify our genuine position regarding questions of purpose and belief.

Anyhow, I'm rambling....

I've tried program's, I've tried books, however no single solution has provided me with the ultimate tool to abstinence. What I will say though is that all the messages are worth listening to. The key is to find what you are comfortable with for sobriety to work for you.

You must be disciplined and offer no excuses or outs. Turn to people for help when you need it, back your judgement and do whatever you need to do to find the strength to change you life.

Me, I have never been happier. With sobriety has come empowerment. I stand proud and have never been more confident. People see it in your eyes and th way you carry yourself. And you'll find that if you can conquer these demons life becomes a lot easier.

Remember this, in life you will always be faced with problems, it's just that there are some you can control and some you can't. Figure out the difference and you will find that life is so much easier to manage. It's only as complicated as you want to make it.

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Oops I read I managed a double thank you in the 3 users say thank you. Interesting. [edit add : nope, I need new reading glasses.]

Might as well make it a triple.

Thank's and welcome. Happy trails.
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I'm glad you're doing well and congratulations on 168 days sober!
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Great job. I have a friend who is 25 years sober. He stopped because when he was in the military I pulled him out of more fights and was tired of it. I drank with him as well. He stopped drinking and never looked back. I stopped but never really new I had problems. So I knew I had problems when I started to drink everyday. So I stopped as well. Congrats to you
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Thanks for the update and congratulations!

We're getting a six-month coin ready for you!
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Aka.. Indamiricale. :)
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I love it.!!!!!!! Great post and great milestones....

Keep living the dream and stay on the Beam..

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welcome back and congratulations on your progress ld

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