Glad I didn't wait till New Year

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Glad I didn't wait till New Year

I've been trying to cut down drinking for years and over the last 3 years realized I did need to stop. I've stopped a couple of times this year for just over a month then gone back.Each time is so much harder after a relapse. I felt so bad in early December I thought I will definitely stop again on NY Day.Then I thought,why not do it now? The thought of not drinking in the run up to Christmas,Christmas Day and NYE was almost impossible.

But,I truly had had enough. I didn't want to wait any longer. My last drink was on 7th Dec and I'm on day 23 today. It wasn't easy,there was temptation with parties/work dos/Christmas day with family etc. But I did it! I feel stronger for having got through such a difficult time of year and feel stronger in continuing my sobriety. It is also nice to approach New Year with a clear head and the physical and mental improvements are,already immense.

I just wanted to post this as have read several posts from people wanting to quit but waiting till New Years Day.There are so many benefits to stopping today rather than waiting. You will wake on NY day feeling better and will feel mentally stronger by getting through NYE sober which will be a great start for your continued sobriety.Wishing you very best wishes

I don't post much,except in the December class but read every day and want to thank everyone for their support and posts. Thanks also to my December classmates, and of course Dee.

Happy & Healthy,Sober New Year to all
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I'm glad Ready - great post too - ty

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No time like the present, eh?
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Thanks Dee and least

I know.,There will always be a reason to wait till tomorrow-party/birthday/Christmas/NY/wedding/anniversary/it's raining
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I agree, I was going to wait but then in the end you are just making excuses to drink..I'm on day 15, not easy this time of year! Good luck
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Me too!

I thought I wouldn't be strong enough to be sober Xmas and NY but I couldn't stand the thought of another car crash christmas!!

2 weeks for me today!!

Well done everyone else for making it though a tough time.

And New Years Eve?? Bring it on.
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Well done to the three of you, I'm so pleased you found the strenght to stay sober.
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Thank you for your kind words

Well done also Ultra & Mazza
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Does anyone else notice that everyone keeps asking them where they are going to celebrate New Year and 'drinking the New Year' in

Hope everyone is staying strong on this difficult night for many and doesn't give in.
Best wishes
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