Sober 2

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Sober 2

This forum saved me from making the self-loathing trip to the liquor store yesterday and instead choosing to LIVE life. For the umpteenth billionth time. Last night I was a nervous wreck, obsessively cleaning my house and staying busy until I knew the liquor stores were closed. I went to the gym, visited some friends, and this morning my shakes are noticeably better. I feel great. Then the tv comes on and there is my first trigger of the day - people drinking, laughing, etc... So I went outside with my other vices: coffee and cigarettes. And now I'm fine. I just wanted to say hello as one of your newbies

Have a great day everyone!
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Smart moves!

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Get through tonight too!
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welcome to SR dietcokehead

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Good going!!
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Welcome, and nice job making choices to occupy your time when you thought about drinking!! The first few days re tough, once you get through that first week it starts to get easier.

Looking forward to seeing you on SR!!!
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welcome. It gets easier.
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