Reported a Drunk Driver

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Reported a Drunk Driver

I was driving on the winding 2 lane hwy that is the main route through my area today and spotted a guy 2 cars behind me that was obviously impaired. He crossed the double yellow about 6 times and 3 or 4 cars had to take evasive action to avoid a head on.... then I saw him bounce off the guard rail.

I grabbed my phone and called 911 (for the 1st time ever....). I pulled into the turn lane and he went by me, allowing me to see his license #. Then he pulled into the turn lane in front of me and went straight.... blowing the stop sign.

A few minutes later the local CHP officer called me back and said that he had 6 or 8 calls about this guy and he was looking for the car... then thanked me for calling in. Hopefully they found him quickly and he didnt hit anybody.

We had a young girl who was walking on the hwy get run down by a DD and have had several deadly DD accidents the last few years. It makes me stay home at night most of the time. This situation happened at 12:30pm.... guess it shouldnt surprise me since I see folks drinking in the bar at 10am......

54 Days Sober and DETERMINED to NEVER get a DUI!!
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Good job! A drunk person behind the wheel is death just waiting to happen. I almost killed 2 people including my best friend when I blew a stop sign due to drunk driving. Not an easy thing to admit, but its the truth. Insanely enough, that wasn't enough to sober me up, in fact the whole going to prison thing made me drink more and "give up".

That was a few years ago now and its behind me, but it will haunt me forever. I'm 22 days sober right now, and I know in my heart and soul I will never touch alcohol again. I tried to quit before, I had the intention of no longer screwing up my life, but deep inside me there was still the desire to drink. Lately some positive things have happened to me, and the desire to drink has finally left me, I can feel it, it feels different this time. It feels like massive weight has been lifted off of me, I feel like I can finally breath, I have never felt so much relief, as knowing I never have to drink again.
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You did the right thing...Probably saved a life. Scary.
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I had a similar incident happen to me a few months ago. It was surreal, and ironic. While it was not "the straw" that broke the back of my drinking habit, it was one of many signs that had me thinking about making some big life changes.
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Good Morning Hope4life,

you did the right thing. Hope nobody was injured.

Did you know that it is now the law that drivers in France have to carry a breathaliser in the car? The same way that you have to carry the fluorescent jackets for if you break down.

I am not sure though that if someone did check themselves out before driving that they would adhere to the reading on the breathaliser...But at least the police are trying to make people more aware of how much is ok to drink when driving (should be none)
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Good for you. You may not have only saved the lives of others on the road, but you may have also alerted someone to the fact they may have a problem, and save their life too.
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It was very nice for that officer to call you back!

You did the right thing!
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Thanks everyone

It wasnt a hard decision to call 911 when I was watching this guy jeopardize all the other drivers on the road. I personally stopped drinking and driving about 5 years ago and was lucky to never have an accident or DUI.

Hopefully, they caught him and it was a life changing experience.

CALL 911 IF YOU SEE A DRUNK DRIVER, you may save someone's life!
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