Gotta start somewhere i guess

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Gotta start somewhere i guess

Hi All,

This is my first post. Ive known a while i drink too much, and intend on stopping but dont know what to expect. Im a single SAHD when im not in college. I drink everyday in the evenings. 1-2 bottles of wine, or an 8 pack of larger. I usually go to the pub and have a few in the early evening. Ive stopped drinking before but I find I cant sleep and get very irritable. I cant go to the docs as I said above, Im a single SAHD and dont want intervention from certain services. Last time I knocked the drinking on the head I was living off Nightol, night nurse (which has alcohol and loads of paracetamol in it) and codiene to sleep which is as destructive as drinking.

Anyway, thats me.
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Hi Frank and welcome...

Great decision to stop drinking... I can relate to the first few weeks, and how hard things were.. There are many herbal remedies to help you sleep, but I do suggest you go seek medical help and get yourself checked out...

Good news is that things will get much better, you just need to do some work at it !

I would also strongly suggest surrounding yourself with people who also want to stop, have stopped and can coach you at it... Many recovery programs out there, AA worked for me...

Keep us posted Frank.

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Welcome to SR Frank. You've come to the right place. Everyone is very supportive here and there is huge amounts of knowledge and understanding in every thread.

You haven't actually mentioned that you plan on quitting, but I assume that's why you're here so that's a great first step. There are many different programmes for recovery if you feel you need more than just your own determination, and you can find lots of information about them on this board.

Finding it difficult to sleep at first is very common but it gets better over quite a short period of time.

Good luck and all the best.
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Welcome to the family! :ghug3
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Hi Frank

Are you sure seeing a Dr would then involve Child Services?

I'm not British but I'm not sure that would be the case foe 99% of drinkers.

Please don't let that fear stop you if you need medical help - detox can be rough for some of us, and your kids needs you to be fit and well.
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Peace, Love, Sobriety
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