I knew I had a problem when:

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When I refused a 9 month treatment for so called 'latent TB' because you can't drink on the medicine.

Tuberculosis... wine.. Tuberculosis... wine A

During that same period (which was at employee health, btw) the doctor did a liver panel b/c I was feeling run down and found elevated enzymes. She looked me square in the face and said "well it's not like you're an alcoholic. There must be some infection".

I never went back.

And I continued to drink and drink for 8 more years.
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Originally Posted by cmc133 View Post
When I started drinking wine from a coffee cup in case anyone stopped by or my husband came home early.
Cocktail in a to-go coffee of the very bright things I did all the time at home! I actually believed that my husband didn't notice!
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Originally Posted by Xmbi View Post
When I would have a beer in the morning before a cup of coffee.
You're reminding me that my husband was telling me yesterday that I should add protein to my breakfasts b/c I have been getting dizzy and he thinks it's because of my refined carbs. In furiously defending my breakfast (hot, sweet coffee and hot buttered toast with jelly) I realized the reason I'm so attached to it's blood sugar boosting goodness is because one day in early sobriety I realized as I was eating it that it was DELICIOUS. It didn't taste like vomit or wine as every breakfast had for most of the preceding 16 years.
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When going out was about getting drunk rather than meeting people.

When one bottle of wine just did'nt give me a buzz .

When you have a blood pressure test and it's 170/120 and you carry on boozing .

When you've sold your car, house, quit your job, ,moved to your holiday home because it was all getting in the way of drinking .

When you give your 12 year old cat away because your incapable of even looking after a cat .

When you find another gay bloke online who drinks like you , you phone eachother and neither of you can articlate a scentence enough to talk .

When you sober up in A&E .

When you wake up with a hangover in some strangers bed .
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Mystery eating.
Passing out and peeing a restaurant.
Giving the kids sick days, because too tired to get out of bed.
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When I asked my mom to buy me a bottle of my favorite vodka on the way home from the hospital after giving birth to my son and hid it in my closet so my husband wouldn't know.
When I couldn't remember most of my son's first birthday party...
When i started hysterical fights with my husband for no reason
When anytime and anyplace without alcohol became unbearably boring...
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When I started drinking by myself and would go out to restaurants by myself not to eat, but to drink. Since I was at a restaurant instead of a bar, I didn't feel like an alcoholic. HA!
It only got worse from there....
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...when I thought it would be nice to have a couple of drinks after work on a Wednesday.

Next thing I knew it was Saturday.
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When my boss called and woke me up at nine and i was still drunk so I stayed home and drank more beer. My adict friend told me he likely will quit seeing so he can go sober. When I found myself at a stranger s house who I think was hoping I was bi.
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My wife clueing me in on my previous evening's tough guy act, or genius portrayal, or friendliness. Or when she said people actually avoid me at the bar. When i pissed all over my sister in law's place, then in my son's room..he wasn't home. The owner of the bar fixed to go to still knows me....5 years and 50 pounds lighter later. The bar manager at the pub by the hotel I stay at for work training knows me a year later. The drunks at my brother in law's bachelor party asking me how many times I passed out in that two day affair, I didn't actually party, just drank until I passed out, woke up and repeated the process. Only one friend still talks to me. Woke up in my hotel room in a strange town thinking I was at the bar. Drinking beer for breakfast on a weekday.
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I fell face first off my horse,during a party i was hosting, he wasnt moving. Lol
Got mad at my bff for saying i had a problem.
Drank before any function.
Drank on my home from work so noone would know,or give me ahard time when i had more at home.
Hid rum in the bookself.
Same i could go on and on.....
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