This too shall pass..

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This too shall pass..

I know all feelings pass, they always do. It's so hard to believe though when I'm craving like I am right now..

Addiction is a b*tch. It keeps telling me to use "one more time"..
I know by that it means and every day after that.
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sobriety date 5-2-12
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Yep, it will pass, but sure sucks sometimes. Hang in there you aren't fighting the fight alone!
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Remember, the feelings are just feelings.

They don't control you, so feel it and let it go.
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This is horrible,

please pass, please pass, please pass.
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Get busy doing some task you've been avoiding! You'll feel better after you do it....
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Crazy Cat Lady
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We are here. It will pass and you will triumph. You have control over you body and the more times you beat the back, the more it will become habit. You can do this and you will tonight because you are here.
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Run to live... live to run
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You can beat it!! Just tell it no!!! We are all here to help you!
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how are you doing now Jake?

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Yes, it will pass. And over time those feelings will get less and less, and you will feel as though you are the one in control of them. Stay strong, it's worth it.
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I know the feeling, try to stay strong and maybe visit a friend or call someone who knows you are trying to stay sober x
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