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Sticky? Questions about first steps

Hi everyone, please see my other post before you check this one out. Thank you for your time to help me!

For some reason I think I can beat my addiction (alcohol and cocaine) by myself. This has proven, over and over, to work zero percent of the time.

My main question is, how do you remove yourself from the friends and people that you know (and love, maybe) from your life? They are physically so close to me within the city, so they are one phone call or cab ride away. I want ideas and tactics on how to stay away from them, because telling them they need to leave me alone has not worked.

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If you proven over and over that doing it on your own doesn't work...Try something different...I'd recommend AA/NA for you...At least try it...Sounds like you need some support from people that know how to do this...I know...I needed it too.
As far as telling your friends go...I told mine that my life depends on me staying sober and I can't be around you anymore...If they were good friends...They understood it...If they didn't understand it...Who cares...They weren't friends anyway.
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Welcome to the forum, shadowboxer!

I read your other thread and I'm glad you're looking at ways to get clean/sober. Addiction always goes downhill in time, as you've already discovered.

I don't think you have to spill your guts to everyone, but it would be helpful to make your parents (and best friend probably) aware that you started using and now realize it has (or could) become a problem. As for the other friends, just tell them you don't want to use anymore and can't be around it. If they want to have lunch sometime, great.....

I really do understand just wanting to go home - we get to the end of our emotional rope and everything seems overwhelming. You might want to give yourself some time though, so you don't regret acting impulsively - find out what resources are available to you (most universities have psychiatrists and counseling services - they probably deal with this a LOT!) Take a deep breath and give yourself a hug - things really will get better. Take it in baby steps. I think you'll be relieved once you realize that you're not alone and people (your parents, friend and us too!) care about you and want to help. :ghug3
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