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I was wondering how everyone feels about putting their new non alcoholic in typically alcoholic drink glasses? Such as wine glasses, martini or margarita glasses, etc? Is this a set up for a slip? Or does it really not make any difference what type of glass you are using as long as the drink in it is non-alcoholic?
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I drank from a can. Fancy glasses never bothered me as I didn't drink from them.

I think it's up to the individual, but I have heard others say that it's not a good idea.
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I don't drink from high ball glasses anymore.I didn't throw out wine and martini glasses though. I put them in my husband's bar. You can make pretty deserts or shrimp cocktail in them for a fancy dinner.
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I'm drinking from a wine glass right now...sparkling water though.

I drank mainly from cans too though so I think that would be a bigger trigger for me (just realised I haven't drank from a can since I quit so best watch that one!). Initially I wanted to get rid of any alcohol related glasses, even tumblers, but now I just see them as glasses. If it got to the point where you are drinking everything from a wine glass I may question your intentions though x
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For some people it's a trigger, and for others it seems not to be.

back in my early days I realised I was deriving comfort from drinking stuff out of a wine glass I stopped.

If you have any concerns why not use a generic glass Eliasson?

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I never drink water from any alco glasses, it does really bother me.
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Blue solo cup
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My favorite shot glass works good for measuring brown rice, one and half (shots?) brown rice, three and a half water, makes one serving
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I wrapped up my bar glasses in sets and gave them away in early sobriety.

Instead...I've been drinking Iced Tea in therma mugs with a straw for years..
I keep different colored ones to serve guests

As my home is a non drinking zone....I don't keep reminders
of my slide into alcoholism....
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I definitely got rid of all my wine glasses. They were a huge trigger for me.
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"Lead us not into temptation" .........

All the best.

Bob R
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I drank out of shot glasses that were collected from all over (long before I had a drinking problem). I still have them but they don't hold enough liquid for me now so I don't use them. Mostly water out of a plastic coffee travel mug (so I know it is mine.) I have lots of crystal glasses but I love dishes! nothing to do with drinking.
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