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Mood Swings and The Brain

i agree with LadyNoBinge's statement about the brain rebooting. that is what is happening, drinking and drugs upset the normal functioning of the brain. it tries to adapt to the chemicals we put into it and in the process, with some of us (addicted people) the result is a dependence on the artificially created electrochemical state. over time this whole process begins to break down and that is when people begin to notice that drinking or using isn't working the way it used to. that means we better stop. the problem is...when you do stop, the brain has to readjust and during that readjustment, the person usually experiences some of the following....mood swings, anxiety, depression, anger, confused thinking,etc. HANG IN THERE HEALTHYFOOD. deep breathing 3 deeeep inhales and 3 deeeep exhales done slowly helps as does exercise. going to meetings and being around others helps even if you aren't really feeling like socializing. isolation and over-thinking are probably going to make matters worse. hundreds of thousands of people have gone through what you report going through and have survived it. i'm one of those THE ROLLERCOASTER RIDE NEEDN'T LAST FOREVER. look for people at meetings who are sober and happy about it and do what they did.
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