1 Month Sober

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1 Month Sober

To all of you on this site that have replied to my posts. To all of you who I knew were there. Thank you.

I'm at one month and things are getting so much easier. Starting to slowly get into real recovery now.

Just wanted to say thank you. I'm so glad I found this place and so grateful for everyone's honesty.

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Congrats on one month sober!!
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A month! That's great. I'm happy for you and your sobiety. We need you as much as you need us.

Best to you.
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You know, early on this site helped me even when I wasn't online. I would have thoughts of drinking, and I would think, "But what about all those wonderful people at They've been so great and helped me so much, I can't turn my back on them by getting wasted!" Now, I realize that recovery is about ourselves and not other people, but at times that was the little push I needed to help me not take a drink. And I would usually start posting on SR as soon as I got to a computer.

Thanks for being here, and thanks for sharing. Congrats on 1 month!
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You are a CHAMPION!!!!!

Congrats buddy! Your positive attitude towards life is inspiring Keep it up you're doing great!

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Hey Tigger,

Congratulations to you too. So glad we could make our one month posts today, and you are doing great. Let's stay strong and keep sober so we can continue to make the milestones. Focus on the good, and try to put the bad behind us.

Great job again, and it's great to have you here.

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I've been watching the November group and have been blown away with how you
managed to keep going with some pretty tough struggles in your life while at the same time you supported others & gave back 3 fold and then some.
Pretty amazing all in all! It's rare to see someone with your spirit & dedication!
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Congratulations Tigger!! 1 month is terrific. Keep up the great work.

Best Wishes To You!
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Excellent! Good for you
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Congratulations Tigger!
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Congratulations - that first month is a big accomplishment!
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Many congrats on your month.....YAAAAYYYYY...
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Congrats on the one month
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Congrats on having the courage and strength to make it 1 month! Very inspiring for all of us!
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