Speaking at a meeting today

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Speaking at a meeting today

I'm super nervous and feel like I have nothing really to offer. I am doing it kinda as a practice for the big meeting that I'm speaking at on Thursday. I hate speaking in front of people and am worried. I'm gonna take my sponsors advice and say the 3rd step prayer before and just try and speak slowly and coherently. I have 4 months sober today hopefully that will be enough inspiration for a newcomer who only has maybe a few weeks to keep coming back. Keep me in your thoughts please! I'll post again later and let you know how it goes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, sober day!!
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Experience, strength, & hope! You know your story best. How did you get to 4 months? What steps are you working in your life? We are all equal in AA.

Enjoy the experience!
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OMG everything's real
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I remember this too. Just tell your story, honestly. What led you to aa and the steps you have worked so far. It was the people with months rather than years that i related to and was in true awe of.
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You'll do fine! Remember - you are talking to friends, even those you don't know yet. AA is great for getting us out of our comfort zones and putting us into service. It keeps us sober and responsible.

Saturday night was our monthly birthday night and the normal chair person had an emergency and asked if I could chair. What??? I had never chaired a b-day meeting before and it was a much larger group than normal. I reminded myself "they are all friends." It went really well. I stumbled a few times and it was far from perfect, but no one drank because it!

Get after it!
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4 months sober is huge to a newly sober person like me.
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Wellllllll....I did it! It actually went by really fast. A bunch of people came up to me afterward and talked to me and thanked me for sharing. I think I probably had the least amount of sobriety there, or close to it. There were no newcomers. I am proud of myself for doing it. Everyone seemed to have positive things to say to me after. Hooray!
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That's awesome, lbern!!
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I've been waiting for your update . Now, that is so inspiring. You should be really proud of yourself. Sure 4 months ago telling your story wasn't on your "to do" list

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