Reverse Intervention

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Reverse Intervention

I was at a comedy club last night and one of the comedians had recently gotten sober. He made a joke about all of his drinking buddies and the "reverse intervention" he was getting from them to keep drinking. Even though everyone at the club laughed about how his buddies sat him down and told him all the reasons why he needs to keep drinking, I know from experience he wasn't even making up some of the odd things that happen or are said when you quit drinking.

Just felt like sharing for anyone who is having problems with friends or drinking buddies who support your addiction!
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I'm here to learn!
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That's great, I love it.
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I get the distinct feeling from anyone who questions or puts down my sober lifestyle that they might well have their own problems with drinking, and my sobriety just shines a light on problems that they'd rather not recognize.
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I actually had a friend suggest that I confront my problem with alcohol by going to a wine tasting, and learning to experience the complexity of wines from a different viewpoint. Well I have been really into wine, fine and not so fine and I always end up doing the same thing lol. She meant well.
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I had dinner with old friends recently. They were really surprised that I didn't drink (they haven't seen me for awhile). After questioning me about it for a few minutes (not even wine?? ) we all joked about it and then dropped it.

I have enough time to see this type of thing as funny, especially since it wasn't really about them pressuring me, but I think this type of thing is very hard for people who are new to sobriety.
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so people try to tell me to drink to level myself out because im really hyper when i dont drink,
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