Ms Madame Subj: Hypoglycemia

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Ms Madame Subj: Hypoglycemia

I am trying to post my first post. I am a retired RN with 35 years experience and 21 years of sobriety. I am trying to come to grips with the hypoglycemia without going through the rigors of testing. I am addicted to sweets. Once I begin, it sets off cravings. I am pigheaded and don't want anyone to know more about me than I do. I think that a change in diet will relieve me of the symptoms of irritability, absolutely no tolerance and depression. I am treated by a psychiatrist who is also a pharmacologist. I suffer with those symptoms off and on in a circular fashion. I also have ADD/ADHD which isn't treated because the effect on my cardio system would not be good over the long haul with medication. Disregard the know it all attitude. I want help, please. Madame
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Thumbs up Hi

I am sort of understanding to what you are going through. I was a binge drinker for a long time, lots of pop and sugar in between. Doctor after doctor for the past ten years have been telling me it is anxiety. Well after finally deciding to quit drinking and treat my anxiety disorder, I never got better really. Which in turn led me back to drinking
I finally found an awesome Endocrinologist and he insisted I do the 7 hour tests. Here after all this time I have reactive hypoglycemia. basicly is whenever you eat a carb without a protein your blood sugar drops very low. Here alcohol was the worst thing I could have been doing and I never understood why I loved it so much. Alcohol is as bad as sugar and simple carbs they are all the same, which I am sure you know,
I now have to eat every 2 hours to make sure my blood sugar is stable all day or back to square one. best thing I did is go to a nutritionist, they understand the blood sugar better than the doctors.
my doxtor told me most alcoholics were hypoglycemic or sugar sensitive and 90% are at the end of their drinking careers. Alcohol cravings and sygar cravings stabalize after you get your blood sugar stabilized.
Also always eat a protein with a carb was the biggest thing the told me over and over.
This is your life now and if you want to feel better you must listen.
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Hi Madame
Welcome to SR

So do you know for sure you have hypoglycemia or are you diagnosing yourself?
I was my own 'Dr' for many years - got myself into a bit of a mess really.

I hope you'll decide to see someone about this, and the ADD too.

Welcome to you too Holly

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