Marijuana withdrawal help?

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Marijuana withdrawal help?

Hey guys, im new here and really dont know where to start but i'll get right to it.

So for the past year I used marijuana recreationally, every couple of days to every couple of weeks, aint much.

Till about a month ago, I LITERALLY abused it for 2 weeks, using almost 2 grams plus a day.

And overnight, i decided to stop.

The problem is, after the two weeks till now (been 25 days now) I've been feeling extremely weird, like I'm out of it.

My body feels weird, i wouldn't say numb, because i can feel everything, just plain weird.

I dream a lot. I get paranoid every now and then, anxiety pops in sometimes, nausea, are these normal symptoms?

I looked around and found that these are all normal symptoms for "ppl who smoked A LOT for a year or so". Am i normal? im really getting scared

any help will be appreciated.
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Have you seen a doctor Omarion?

It might be a good way to set your mind at ease- it's certainly the best way to make sure everythings ok

Try not to worry too much - I smoked a lot for a long time - and I turned out ok...although it took some time for me to feel 'normal'

go get checked out

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Hi! Thanks so much for sharing your story.
And congratulations on the 25 days you have free from Marijuana! That is really awesome.

Anytime our bodies and minds get used to something, when we take it away it is going to be a bit uncomfortable at first. I am not sure about you but for me I found myself looking to Marijuana as a way to escape from myself or my thoughts. Trouble was it actually just intensified things and made things worse.

There must be something going on in your life that caused you to start smoking 2grams a day for two weeks steady? Of course I am no expert but I would highly recommend finding a local Marijuana Anonymous group to attend. There are plenty of people there who can relate and understand exactly how you feel. Marijuana Anonymous World Services

Of course if you are feeling depressed and sick allot it is certainly important that you share this with a Doctor or qualified medical specialist.

Keep up the great work and keep sharing and speaking. Things will get better!
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I smoked for many years. I was fuzzy-brained for ninety days. Cravings left for me at about thirty days, but mostly because my neighbors continue to smoke on their balcony of this apartment complex and I wanted to feel young and "happy" like they sounded (they're loud & laugh a lot), but that was my addict mind talking. Give time time, it changes, especially if you want to maintain normalcy of emotions & feelings. At leat I did & still do want that normalcy!

It gets better, but if I were you, I'd listen to others and get to a doctor. @ grams is nothing and your "symptoms" sound like you were covering up (self medicating) for a Reason!

Best wishes!
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Sorry, my phone won't type numerals. @ = two
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Hi Omarion - so glad you found us...... I can't speak to your problem, but I know that it was really difficult to bounce back if I drank heavily for days in a row.

I do hope things get better for you soon. We have a section on substance abuse you may want to check out:Substance Abuse - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information
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Hi and Welcome,

You will find lots of support here and people who understand what you're going through.
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Marijuana Anonymous may also help. Also scroll down for the marijuana thread

What artsoul posted.
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