First big tes, Biz dinner tonight..Seltzer???

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First big tes, Biz dinner tonight..Seltzer???

What's a good seltzer drink? Cranberry? Lime? Not a big seltzer fan, but going to a nice steackhouse for work tonight, not tempted to drink, but I am so sick of water, drink it all day long these days?
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Drink whatever non-alcoholic beverage you want! I get Dr. Pepper a lot lol.
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I personally enjoy mixing seltzer with lemon concentrate. Also like mixing it with fresh fruit bits to give it a natural flavor. Not huge into seltzer myself but once in a while I find myself drinking it. There's endless possiblities for seltzer drinks, just google it and you'll find tons of ideas, I am sure or look up non alcohoilic drinks! I also really enjoy italian sodas - these are my absolute favorite non alcoholic beverage - yum Good luck finding a good drink!

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Depends. If you're trying to be covert, you can get something clear and carbonated with a wedge of lime. Tonic water, club soda, sprite. If you don't care what others observe get whatever you want. I drink Diet Coke, ginger ale, or iced tea in those settings. A colleague gets whatever juice they serve or lemonade.
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It's tough, because I quit caffein the same day I quit drinking. Talk about a double whammy. Now that I feel like I'm " over the hump", it's no effort at all to live life without cravings at all...thought it would be tougher..and I drank A LOT....
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I would get a milk shake (joke)!

You know, not saying this is the case but, I know how business events can be judgmental and I have experienced that just as many clients and bosses will respect someone that doesn't drink vs ones that will judge. That's part of the cost of sobriety as I see it.

You don't owe anyone an explanation and don't have to get into the whole "I'm an alcoholic" and "I'm in recovery" conversation with business contacts.

Just look them in the eye and decline the drink. Be cognizant o you body language and facial expression at that moment and it never really needs to be expanded on.

Like I said, don't know i this applies to you but I wanted to suggest.

Enjoy the ribeye!
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I was going to suggest an Arnold Palmer but no caffeine rules that out. I love lemonade. Sometimes will go tonic water instead of seltzer.

Good luck!
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I like soda or tonic with cranberry and lime, but sprite would be good with it too if you don't like a tart drink. Ask the bar what kind of fruit juices they have (pineapple, grapefruit, orange, lime etc.) and combine with something fizzy. Virgin Bloody Marys are good too.....
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Honestly, I would avoid anything that resembles a mixed drink or non-alcoholic beer unless it's critically important to maintain that image with colleagues.

I think that it's all about mindset and that to even pretend to be drinking could possibly lead to relapse or impair an attempt at sobriety.
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