9 days of binge drinker is over for good

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9 days of binge drinker is over for good

After 9 days of binge drinking straight, I'm going it quits. I can't do this crap anymore. I drank over 50 beers, 1.75 liter of rum and whiskey, 2 wine bottle and that's what I remember. I gain 5 pounds at that time and now I'm saying NO MORE. Can't live this way.
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Good for you! Is this day 1?
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Congrats on your day 1
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Welcome back
It certainly is no way to live.

Have you thought about what you need to do differently?
whats your plan to make sure this doesn't happen again Act10n?

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Welcome back!

What are you going to do differently this time?
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I don't know yet but I'm going to use AA for the time be.

I was drinking myself to death.
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Good Luck Act10npack, I'm glad your back and hopefully on the right track.
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Hey Act... glad you are back, glad you are stopped. Hope you can make some changes so that it sticks this time.

Hug Manz
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Best of luck and take care of yourself
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Last drink I had was 2 hours ago and I need to stay sober. Im going to court for my licence which I may loss. Need to stay sober because when I go to court for my DUI. I want my problem under control and not use at all.
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Sending you positive e sober thoughts and prayers...that's a lot of booze you drank

Hope you are ok.
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IDK how long a time you have before court, hours or days?.....but after binge-drinking 9 days it might wise to take some medical detox....and DX by the medical professionals.

I'm glad you made this decision to live.
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Good luck on recovery Act, as well as in court.

If you do get your license back don't DUI
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I second Fandy's suggestion. After 9 straight days of drinking I think you should get some medical attention just in case. Better safe than sorry.
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