starting day 2

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starting day 2

I am starting day 2 again. This seems to be the day i get stuck on lately. Lets hope I can do day 2. I think today i am going to start jounaling the way I am feeling and why it is that i think I need to drink. wish me luck!!!!FIGHT
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Good luck ftw!!
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Hi fight - writing always helps me. sometimes thoughts and solutions just turn up as I am writing. It's magic.

wishin you the strength you need today. Hang in here and read. Have you considered additional face to face support?

I am doing day 16ish here. My mind is still all over the place - that's why I hang around here.

All the best -vee
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Hi everyone. This is my first post and since this is only Day 2 for me also, I thought it appropriate.

I don't know what to say. I am terrified. I hope I get through the day.

My marriage is already gone. My very good job is still here, but hanging by a thread. My boss seems supportive, but for how much longer?

I really want to quit. But I can't imagine my life without alcohol.

I hope it will get better. For now, I am hurting.
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Fight and Sdsurf, congrats on day2.
FTW, journaling sounds like an excellent idea. Not only can you channel your feelings onto paper, but then when you feel like slipping, you can go back and reread what you wrote when you were feeling badly. Make sure you are very detailed.
Keep hanging on. Play it out, then distract yourself.
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I too found that posting my progress here and journaling are a great help. I am early in my progress (day 6), and it is fun to go back and read what I wrote on the previous days. This is tough stuff we are doing. Do everything you can, nothing can hurt except for drinking. You can do it!
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You can do this FTW - stick close to us

Welcome to you too Sdsurfn2011 - you'll find a lot of help and encouragement here.
when you're ready, feel free to start your own thread and tell us more about yourself

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